The Little White Horse and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . This item:The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge Paperback $ This gently witty story about reconciliation and the restoration of equilibrium is an enduring treat, albeit one that reads differently at. The Little White Horse, the best loved of all Elizabeth’s children’s books with an example of Elizabeth’s own verse, The Little White Horse, and.

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The book is much, much more than tea parties and riding sidesaddle, although we first meet the characters in a lovely horse-draw carrige Maria Merryweather was born and raised whitte London, but when was thirteen she was orphaned and sent elizabteh live with her last living relative — Sir Benjamin of Moonacre Manor — in the heart of the country.

Miss Goudge’s beautiful prose is littlee in infinite detail. And if they love it? It’s just so sweet and magical. It would have inspired spin-off stories for sure. Retrieved 27 February I think that this is a book that would work best read in childhood — and I do wish I had discovered it as a child — but it still has a great deal to offer to the grown-up reader who is still in touch with her inner child who loved books.

Because you are going to marry me. I found the message of forgiveness and of the hope for goudgee better inspiring, and the heroine strong and good.

The Little White Horse

Nesbit is one litrle my favorite authors, and the comparison is apt, especially once you mix in a hint of Peter Beagle and a heavy helping of George MacDonald. What’s the Name o Except for the governess, because she was pious, modest, and obedient. It’s as contrived as an imitation of Jane Austen or the Brontes; it has the tone and diction of someone who is desperately trying to tell a whiye tale.

My inner child loved this book. Maria finds that her imaginary friend from London is a real boy living in the nearby village of Silverdew. The main character is annoying. Plain, and yet enchanted.


She takes her destiny as the current Moon Princess and her betrothal to Robin without much reaction. Jul 22, Elinor Loredan rated it really liked it.

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Published December 31st by Puffin Books first published Like in Chapter horsee The Little White Horse. As in, deliberately stating that all the “evil” charaters are Atheists. There are some beautiful aspects of this story, especially the descriptions — nature, food, clothing — there’s a richness to them that is very appealing.

Maria Merryweather, who recently became an orphan, is sent to live with her cousin Sir Benjamen wi If I could describe this book in one word, it would definatly be “gorgeous”. Each time you enter a room or meet a character or enjoy a meal it is explained in full; down to the colour of the napkins or the pattern of the voudge.

Review: Elizabeth Goudge’s “The Little White Horse” – Fare Forward

The setting was intriguing and hard to categorize–a pocket of idyllic landscape in the real world of Victorian England, with idealized circumstances and fanciful creatures. What a way to open a book and to introduce the main characters!

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Cassandra In the book there’s a tawny lion which they tell people is a dog so they aren’t scared. These roots, as I experienced them, ranged from the great national tales of Queen Boudicca and King Arthur, to local curios that my brothers and sisters and I encountered, like the Salehurst church baptismal font, allegedly given to the monks of Salehurst Abbey by Richard the Lionheart after he returned from the Third Crusade, a token of appreciation to the wealthy abbot who had ransomed him from Tyrolean kidnappers.

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The opening chapters which introduce Maria Merryweather, goudgw 13 year old orphaned heiress, her kindly intelligent governess, Jane Heliotrope, Sir Merryweather, the owner of the somewhat haunted Moonacre Manor, and Wiggins, an ordinary, shallow but beautiful spaniel — these promise a real story.


Definitely not a black lion the colour theme is very …more In the book there’s a tawny lion which they tell people is a dog so they aren’t scared. Definitely not a black lion the colour theme is very deliberate but they did change a lot for the movie so it wouldn’t surprise me. Maria discovers that there is an ancient mystery about the founding of the estate.

THE LITTLE WHITE HORSE by Elizabeth Goudge | Kirkus Reviews

Rowling would have loved this book and may somewhere have also been inspired by it As she never mentions it explicitly anywhere, but we know how elements from our favourite books and stories just elizwbeth into our writing. Walter Hodgesand Anne Yvonne Gilbert in I am surprised this book isn’t more popular – I found it every bit as enchanting as The Secret Garden.

You dare do such a thing! And the foil character of Maria’s “blameworthy” ancestress who was too “proud” to forgive her husband for little offenses like, oh, pretending to be in love with elizzbeth when he really was after her inheritance, and then probably killing her father and infant brother to secure them. Worthy lessons for any child to come away with.

Unlike most fantasy stories, which contrast good and evil, this story contrasts the moon and the sun. If I could describe this book in one word, it would definatly be “gorgeous”. Set inthirteen year old Maria Merryweather travels with her governess, Miss Heliotrope, and her self-absorbed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Wiggins, by carriage to live with her uncle after the death of her father.

Maria Merryweather, who recently became an orphan, is sent goudbe live with her cousin Sir Benjamen with her governess and stubborn dog. Maria, the heroine, is ggoudge cold. The scene at tea, where Robin and Maria agree to marry, had me rolling on the floor!