Introduction Meaning Of The Word ‘Caliph’ The word ‘Caliph’ is the English form of the Arabic word ‘Khalifa,’ which is short for Khalifatu Rasulil-lah. Khilafat Rashida is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Khilafat Rashida and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. KHILAFAT E RASHIDA, IN URDU, WHAT HISTORY OF ISLAM, ISLAMIC HISTORY TELLS, BY FATMAH MAHMAIZ. from fatmah mahmaiz. LIVE. 0.

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You were the ‘second of two’, his Companion in the Cave; and the one upon whom As-Sakeenah descended. Despite internal troubles, Uthman continued the wars of conquest started by Umar.

Many buildings were built for administrative purposes.

Rashidun Caliphate

Lists with This Book. For the lodging of persons suffering sentences as punishment, Jails were constructed for the first time in Muslim history.

Muslim landowners, on the other hand, paid only ushra religious tithewhich carried a much lower rate of taxation. Under Abu Bakr the empire was not clearly divided into provinces, though it had many administrative districts.

In Umar sent the army to conquer the whole of the Persian Empire. Provincial governors received as much as five to seven thousand dirhams annually besides their share of the spoils of war if they were also the commander-in-chief of the army of their sector. The Rashidun army was the primary military body of the Islamic armed forces of the 7th century, serving alongside the Rashidun navy.

In response to these worries, Muhammad said: The army was pulled out of Nubia without rahida success. Non-Muslims may serve in the majlis, though they may not vote or serve as an official. By the mid-7th Century, the Arabs controlled all of Mesopotamia, including the area that is now the Iranian province of Khuzestan. He ruled from to his death in Later commentators explain this as a common-sense precaution against over-extension of his forces.


The Qadis were chosen for their integrity and learning in Islamic law. Then when you have taken a decision from themput your trust in Allah [ 3: Many noted that this option is only exercised after factoring in the potential cost of life. After these four, the later Caliphs assumed the manners of kings and emperors and the true spirit of equality of ruler and ruled diminished to a considerable extent in the political life of Muslims.

Rashidun Caliphate – Wikipedia

The Sword of Allah: Ohilafat know you are the same people who had raised the same question about his father. The SOP for any one who loves Khalafat and desires to implement it in the world. If he had a secret, he would tell it to you; and if he needed to consult someone regarding a matter, he would consult you. One suggestion was that it should be distributed on an ad hoc basis and whatever was received should be equally distributed.

This army however could not make it to Damascus and was intercepted by Abu Ubaidah and Khalid on their way to Emesa. The people of Quraish worried about the lady from Bani Makhzum who had committed theft. Give the Muslims their rights and do not beat them lest they become abused. Retrieved from ” https: Bait-ul-Maal literally, The house of money was the department that dealt with the revenues and all khliafat economic matters of the state.

Umar did not agree with this view.

He was to be rashifa as long as he obeyed Allah. Physically very little material evidence has survived and again, much of it is difficult to date.

Under his authority diacritics were written with the Arabic letters so that non-native speakers of Arabic could easily read the Qur’an without difficulty. Companion- versus Caliph-Oriented History: The Caliphate was thus one of the earliest welfare states. It is an important fact to note that Umar never participated in any battle as a commander of a Muslim Army throughout his life.

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Caliph Uthman used the same method as Abu Bakr: Give them the leaders double the punishment you give us and curse them with a very great curse” But the Muslims sent for reinforcements and the invading army, joined by another 12, men indefeated a Byzantine army at the Battle of Heliopolis.

Umar rejected the proposal and decided to start arshida the clan of Muhammad. This argument is advanced by Sunni Muslims that Muhammad’s companion Abu Bakr was elected by the community, and this was the proper procedure.

Each side agreed to afford free passage to the other party through its territories.

Khilafat-e-Rashida by Zaid Hamid

He was a ruler over Muslims but not their sovereign since sovereignty belongs to Allah alone. Tahmid Alamin marked it as to-read Oct 16, However, after Muhammad passed away, a group of Muslims left Ali and gathered at Saqifa.

Following the rashia of Muhammad, a meeting took place at Saqifah. The officers were appointed by the Caliph. Caliph Umar has been reported to have said: The Life of Mohammed.

A beginning khilaft made with the Quraish and the Ansar and the system was gradually extended to the whole of Arabia and to Muslims of conquered lands. During his reign Uthman gave Muawiyah permission to build a navy after concerning the matter.

After the three-day deadline was over, the Muslim cavalry under Khalid’s command attacked the Roman army by catching up to them using an unknown shortcut at the battle of Maraj-al-Debaj.

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Khilafat E Rashida

Sharia and Islamic ethics. In important cities Guest Houses were constructed to serve as rest houses for traders and merchants coming from far away places. The Encyclopaedia of Islam.