Dr Ved Prakash Upadhyaya and his works Book Two – Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad Chapter Four – Conditions when the Final Avatar appears. Book about similarities between Islam & Hinduism Book By Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay. Kalki Autar. By: Prof. Pundit Vaid Parkash Reviewed by: Mir Abdul Majeed Broadcasted on BICNews 8 December Pundit verifies Messenger was.

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They convert the Muslims to Brahmins or high cast. We human beings can never come to a conclusion on this matter, on the basis of our limited knowledge and the power of judgement that we can muster. Answered Mar 4, Therefore, it is not surprising to Muslims to find prophecies about the Last Prophet, Muhammad sin previously revealed scriptures.

Therefore Narashangsa and Muhammad are synonymous.

We have New Domain. Ved Prakash Upaddhayaya, Muhammad has been described in the Vedas and the Puranas in four different ways.

Who are Muhammad’s parents? This site uses cookies. What is the secret behind Hayagriva Avatar?

drvedprakashupadhyaya – amininbox

He also wrote the Gita and the Maha Bharat. This expression is used for all Prophets of Allah.

It is my sincere request to Muslims and any person who is listening to this snake Zakir niak and those like ved Prakash who are trying to make money and divide people. The Vedas contain many prophecies about Prophet Muhammad.


Pundit Vaid Parkash Reviewed by: It is also possible that commentaries written about them were incorporated later and became a part of the revealed books. Email required Address never made public.

Prophet Muhammad as the Kalki Avatar – by Pt. Ved Prakash

I want to acknowledge a couple of defects in my presentation of Dr. So, the man giving the news about God, in a queer sense, occupies a bigger position in our lives than God Himself. But millions of those, who have memorised the thirty parts of the vast Qur’an, are available all the time.

According to a prophecy of Hinduism, ‘kalki autar’ will be born in an island and that is the Arab territory which is known as ‘jazeeratul Arab’. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This analysis is accurate when one writes the two words in Arabic script, a language close to that spoken by Prophet Abraham.

Kalki Avatar By Pantid Ved Parakash Upadhyay

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Various scriptures have mentioned him in various ways. All major books of the Hindus prophesy about Prophet Mohammad. This book explains the Hindu terminology used in avtaar Mantras and the meaning and usage of certain words and phrases from within the Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures.

So There is next to no similarities between Kalki avatar and Mohammed. So travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who denied the Truth. In the period prior to Muhammad, Indians and Arabs had the same religion. My heart was therefore aroused with the inspiration that TRUTH must be revealed, even though it could be distasteful to some people.


That is why this book remained intact and uncorrupted for fourteen hundred years. These books contain the history of the creation of the universe, the history of the early Aryan people, and life stories of the divines and deities of the Hindus. Scholars who have done extensive research comparing Hinduism and Islam and their major works. And it is very true in this matter. I do not have the audacity to reject vef, regardless of where it comes from. And we know this fact that Muhammed saw was aided and reinforced by Allah swt through His angels in the battle of Badr.

He owes his success to 1 strategy. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price.

Every people should put there nation and humanity as the first religion. The Vedas are divided into four books: No book in the world can face up to this challenge of the Upaehyay.

It appears that this word is derived from the Hebrew word Ma-Hekhawhich means thy brethren e.