This course is a study of the history of theater art and practice from its origins to the modern period, including its roles in non-western cultures. Special attention is . 10 years TU Delft OpenCourseWare () and there is a journal publication opportunity in the open access journal ‘Open Praxis’. is a journal publication opportunity in the open access journal ‘Open At TU Delft OpenCourseWare, we are constantly looking for ways to.

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Many institutions have unclear guidelines regarding who actually owns the copyright, that is, is it the faculty member or the institution? When educational materials can be electronically copied and transferred around the world at almost no cost, we have a greater ethical obligation than ever before to increase the reach of opportunity. Communities around the world are bringing open practices to many different fields, such as open source software, open government, open data, and of course open education.

Traditionally distance education was limited in the number of people served because of production, reproduction, distribution, and communication costs. Project Gutenberg, a collection of over 20, public domain books, is another example of how open educational resources can be re-purposed for education. There are other benefits that come when a university shares their content, however. Dit is module 7 van de Delftse Leerlijn voor Scheikunde voor vwo leerlingen.

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Distance education has a unique opportunity jurna deliver on the promise of the universal right to education. OEC is a non-profit, social benefit organization registered in the United States and operating worldwide.

The main theme will be transforming Education through Open Approaches. Only 20 percent of initial requests were granted from publishers. Every time material is created and licensed under a Creative Commons see http: The Open Education Global Conference is where the world meets to discuss how opening education helps achieve universal access, equity, innovation and opportunity in education.

For instance, to name a few, we have reached 1. In a series of lectures urban planners and other experts will explain on urban tasks and recently built urban plans for inner city interventions, for restructure and transformation locations of former harbour and industrial sites and for new locations. For sustainable urban design the accent in the lectures lie on the qualities of the urban design, being an important aspect with a view to sustainability.


OpenCourseWares deliver high quality instructional content to an unlimited number of learners at virtually no additional cost beyond the original cost of production. Axial constraint stresses in open tubes. An eduCommons demo site is available as a sort of “sandbox” for those interested in trying the software before making a decision about how to host their OpenCourseWare see http: Retrieved November 21, from: These materials can be accessed by rural farmers in Azerbaijan looking for a better way to get water to their crops.

Een nieuw module toegevoegd aan de Delftse Leerlijn voor Scheikunde: This, however, is not the only challenge institutions face regarding copyright. Open Connections Connecting different worlds of Open, such as open access, open science, open source software; strengthening our reach and increasing impact through collaboration.

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Retrieved November 20, from: First, to provide free access to virtually all MIT course materials for educators, students, and individual learners around the world. There are several reasons a school, business, or individual would license their material to be used or re-used in an open manner.

Gaining knowledge of basic physical ergonomics theory and related skills to apply this jurnl. About TU Delft A fascination for science, design and engineering is the common denominator driving our students and scientists.

Other faculty members can use and re-use their material, building upon the work others have begun. Open Education Research Research on practices to mainstream openness in education; evidence of impact, studies of educational transformation using open modalities.

Connecting Open Education to formal education Accelerating adoption of open education, recognition and rewards for open education adoption, alignment of open education values to institutional mission, accreditation of open education, recognition of learning through open means. About — Creative Commons. For more information lpencourseware the conference, please visit the conference site at http: Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For this openourseware this course introduces these jjrnal in connection with PID-motion control principles to realise an optimally designed motion system.

Shelton’s OCW course appears fourth on a Google search for the phrase ‘instructional games’.


OpenCourseWare is one way that distance education can support equal access to education. Their goal opencoursewate “to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century” see http: Making educational content accessible beyond the walls of the original authoring institution can benefit everyone involved, including the reputation of the author and the institution itself.

General stress, strain and displacement relationships for open and closed tubes. Their charge was jurnnal provide the university with guidance regarding how MIT should position itself in the budding online distance education environment. This can reduce the time commitment required of faculty to just a few hours, including an initial meeting to obtain existing course content and a follow-up meeting to obtain final approval once the OCW course has been created. For more information on the conference, please visit the conference site at http: Nearly all content coming out of OCWs is licensed under Creative Commons licenses, but as is true with traditional copyright, there is no guarantee that the user will comply with or even understand license requirements.

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. De belangrijkste energie- en industriesystemen worden vanuit verschillende perspectieven besproken. They modified their approach, and now recommend only pursuing permission for critical content pieces.

Another is the Connexions project at Rice University, which posts educational content online, though not always in course format.

General | OpenCourseWare

The university wants to be a breeding ground for cutting-edge technological scientific developments to meet the great societal challenges of our age. This is an iterative process that will continue as the OCW project grows and takes on more meaning and importance within the institution, and as potential participants come to more clearly opwncourseware the benefits and possible challenges of an OpenCourseWare project.

Visit other Opencourseware sites from around the world. Finding faculty who are willing to share their course materials is crucial.