This collection of twelve short stories will draw you into each tale as fortunes are made and squandered, honour betrayed and redeemed, and love lost and. A QUIVER FULL OF ARROWS adds to his already impressive literary score’. Bolton Evening News. ‘Jeffrey Archer’s quiver is full of sharp arrows. His stories. This collection of 12 short stories will draw you into each story, whether it is “Old Love”, the tale of two undergraduates at Oxford in the ’30s and their bitter rivalry.

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Fortunes are made and squandered, honor betrayed and redeemed, and love lost and rediscovered. The ending of ‘Old Love’ made me cry my eyes out.

I liked most ‘The Coup’ and ‘Old Love’.

Finally Septimus, feeling that he has taught the young man a aarcher, opens his briefcase to find his cigarettes and paper intact, implying that he has actually been smoking the young man’s cigarettes and been abusing the young man’s paper. While there, the publisher’s agent meets an older and kindly gentleman by the name of Edward Shrimpton whose claim to fame is that he was once a backgammon champion in the late s until he lost an important match to the rather brash Harry Newman who was nowhere in his league.

His wife had left jeeffrey for a partner, his partner had stolen his share of money and he was nearly destitute.

A Quiver Full of Arrows – Wikipedia

ufll I loved the book. He refuses to believe that an agent, Victor Perez, is required to be appointed, to whom ten percent of the contract price must be paid and that this percentage is actually the minister’s cut.

Arch Well, here was a total change of pace as our ov discussion group delved into a collection of short stories! Nothing serious and overly emotional, just some inconsequential, decently written light reading. Their rivalry is to be decided by the Charles Oldham Prize. May 14, Marty rated it really liked it. After the revolution, the writer meets a professor in Hungary who knows more about England than the writer himself, who hails from London. The remaining story tells how Alexander happen to acquire it and why it is being now auctioned over years later.


This book is qquiver from his novels as most of these books revolve around two or more individuals who are highly ambitious and strong-willed.

However, this is more about one woman being vied by two men from London – Michael Thompson and Adrian Townsend. The First Miracle is a short and sweet story about a boy who is never named, written in third person. The reader is flown graciously across continents in a show of cosmopolitan worldliness.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Each story has a strange twist that makes it different ‘A Quiver full of Arrows’ is a wonderful book to make a beginning to your Jeffrey Archer Shelf. On the way back he sees the three wise men the Magi and give them the pomegranates.

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He had bought this in from a craftsman in a tiny village named Ha Li Chuan – a statue that was in the craftsman’s family for seven generations. The young man does the same and it becomes a contest. Feb 10, James rated it really liked it. Outside politics, he is a novelist, playwright and short story writer. Product details Audio Cassette Publisher: He decides to confront the young man, and smokes his cigarettes one after the other.

Don’t waste your time. The author uses Senhor Eduardo Francisco de Silveira and Manuel Rodriguez – two rival business magnates from Brazil – who are forced to spend time together during a very rough situation while in Nigeria. I thought the ending was terribly disappointing and, to be honest, the subject matter a little lacking. In his second year he is in poor form and asks his captain to drop him from the finals. They both fell in enmity with each other at first sight.


He is the son of a famous Indian who had captained Oxford and India at cricket.

Both are like mini novels. In his third year, he is the captain.

A Quiver Full of Arrows

This was his first attempt at short stories before the rest of them came out. During this time they discover a friendship and at the end of the period become good friends and even business partners.

He is a claims adjuster with an insurance company. No shock and awe tactics are ever employed, just a soothing compendium of light surface description and blithe plot.

A Quiver Full of Arrows by Jeffrey Archer

I’ll be picking more of his work up in Eleven short stories with a twist at the end to hammer it home. Taking a later train, he finds himself sitting next to some youth with a Nazi Swastika and Up Yours emblazoned on his jacket. I read this during my Geoffrey Archer phase When wealth and luxury were marked by Rolls Royces, leather chairs and Cuban cigars rather than hybrid vehicles, recycled furniture and vegan meals.

So here I go again reviewing his very first collection of short stories that take the readers from London to China to New York to Nigeria filling them with tales of ancient world mixed with modern romance, making fortunes and betrayals at every bend.

It was produced by Richard Bennett for Masterpiece Theater.

Aug 06, Greta rated it it was amazing. While the ending isn’t exactly a memorable shocker, it was certainly unexpected.