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Divergence of national accessibility requirements across the EU impedes European industry from enjoying the full potential of the internal market.

The great majority of respondents were micro, small and medium enterprises. Procedural issues and consultation of interested parties. The 4 following options have been retained for consideration: Compliance with the principle of proportionality.

This means that various subsystems, among them the ‘infrastructure’ subsystem including stationsmust be accessible to persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility. The Belgium Flanders SME Panel report states that ” the area of accessibility is characterised by fragmentation ” and that ” … the major differences with regard to regulations make it difficult for SMEs to act in an export-oriented manner “.

Concerning the built environment, of the sample of 9 Member States, all have adopted general technical accessibility requirements for hospitality services and facilities.

In the future, the divergence in national accessibility requirements in the EU is expected to increase. Accessibility problems also concern the limited accessibility of EPGs electronic programme guides and navigation menus, and the availability of accessible information to facilitate complementarities with assistive services.

An EU regulatory intervention leaving a certain margin of discretion to the Member States as to its benchmarkiing appears to be efficient to tackle the actual and upcoming problems of the functioning of the internal market.

This would ensure the attainment of the objectives of the initiative without going beyond what is necessary for that purpose. A standard is already published but being voluntary this amimnistrazione.filetype prevent Member States of taking divergent legislative measures. Pubblkca accessibility requirements for ticketing machines and check-in machines have been identified in 8 out of 9 Member States examined.

As the core pubblcia of this initiative relates to market issues, the impacts on the rights of disabled consumers are assessed in a broad qualitative manner. The accessibility features of terminals concerning text and video communication depends on the hardware configuration and the software available. With TV broadcasting being delivered in real time across the EU adaptation to the accessibility services would need to be made in order to comply with different national rules.

However, the proposal does not harmonise the existing specific provisions for persons with disabilities under the EU regulatory framework which would remain subject to national transposition and implementation measures, such as the relevant provisions focusing on the provision of information about measures taken to ensure equivalence in access and choice for disabled end-users and about more specific details of goods and services designed for disabled persons.


Those requirements could be different benhmarking respect to the type of information on accessibility that needs to be made available. In other cases, EU legislation addresses only the situation of persons with disabilities with a focus on a specific area focusing on an assistive approach.

Consistency with other EU policies.

: Sitemap

The two Directives would not overlap, since their remit of application is different, but they would complement each other. By enabling disabled citizens to take up their place in society and fully exercise their rights, accessibility would also contribute to the Europe aims of improving education and employment as well as combating poverty and social exclusion. Captions and subtitles provide a written transcript of the dialogue and other important sounds contained in the programme.

Such costs are time consuming and more burdensome for SMEs. In order to benchmarkig the scope of this initiative it was necessary to identify those goods and services that were relevant for accessibility and for which there are problems in the internal market.

EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

Due to the related costs of learning the rules and adapting their goods and services to different national marketsthese industry players lose competitiveness, leading sometimes to fewer ventures on exploring other markets. Compliance with local requirements may require the hiring of local designers in order to operate swiftly enough during the design process, and to minimise the likelihood of expensive mistakes.

Beyond pubbpica vehicles, making transport by air, railway, bus or maritime and inland waterways services accessible means that three elements need to be accessible: From an accessibility policy perspective, the benefits of ensuring consistency between the obligations placed on the amminostrazione.filetype and the demand side obligations to buy accessible enshrined in the public procurement directives and obligations to manufacturers and service providers to place in the market accessible goods and services and across legal instruments for example those related to sectoral legislation referring to characteristics of the web will bring consistency in the internal market and will facilitate the establishment of a level pibblica field.


In some cases the initiative could also entail a limited restriction to the exercise of those rights with the adoption of new rules in some Member States. As a result, adaptations for the different national markets within the internal market are necessary.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

If those transport services are not fully accessible for all consumers, certain consumers cannot fully benefit from all available services. It builds on the accessibility costs for multiplied by the share of cross-border trade and the larger number of Member States expected to legislate for accessibility as well as their GDP taking into account projected market growth.

Making eCommerce accessible means that all visitors, including disabled visitors, can benefit from easy navigation, fast-loading web pages and secure, easy-to-use online payment gateways.

Currently, this is left mainly to the discretion of national authorities, which has resulted in the current patchwork of divergent accessibility requirements. The Directives do not, however, specify what accessibility means, leaving this aspect to sector-specific rules After resubmission on 4 Junea positive opinion was issued on 9 July Some of those concrete examples are further described below.

Four out of five respondents agreed that bejchmarking common rules on accessibility at EU-level would make it easier for companies to operate in another EU country, therefore boosting cross-border trade and enhancing competition. This EU initiative would define what accessibility is and, as a consequence, would give normative content to the accessibility requirements of these instruments.

The following pubbllca shows the final priority goods and services that are considered in this impact assessment. There are obstacles to the normal functioning of the internal market — both in the sense of present barriers to trade and in the sense of barriers to the development of the full potential of the internal market. The stakeholder consultation confirmed that the main national requirements related to accessible goods and services exist in those areas and a few other services open to the public.

While economic operators face legal uncertainty regarding accessibility requirements, consumers face legal uncertainty regarding what accessible products they could find in the market. Additional examples were provided adding evidence to substantiate the internal market problems deriving from the fragmentation.