Here is the combined curriculum for all the different grades/levels together with those of the various instructor courses offered by our organization. P1A History of Krav Maga and its founder: Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld). P1B Safety in training and vulnerable points. P1C Stances and movements. P1C1 Passive. P1A History of Krav Maga and its Founder: Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld). P1B Safety in Training and Vulnerable Points. P1C Stances and Movements. P1C1 Passive .

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Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations There have been changes in techniques as well. Krav Maga Experts are few, as these are ckrriculum professional instructors who have dedicated their lives and career to Krav Maga training and instructing.

KMAA asks everyone to remember that the purpose of this forum is to encourage the exchange of ideas and discussions about the training, principles, and purpose of Curricuulum Maga as established by its founders: And if you’re looking for a place to train, browse the “Locations” section, where you can find one of our locations near you.

So many orgs to keep track of these days. It is more or less just paying for the information through purchasing the book.

The graduates of the course will join the IKMF local branch and operate according to our simple regulations. I noticed some of the moves they teach in class are different than the Red and white book.

IKMF Curriculum

G levels are usually veteran Krav Maga trainees and very often have also been qualified ijmf instructors. Well, I meant getting away asap from the threat at hand; if possible before it gets to physical ends, but if it does – sure as hell do not make it into a mma-match. It can be learned as a hobby once or twice a week and still, the outcome is extremely effective.


This is a Krav Maga forum for enthusiasts of reality-based self defense systems to express their thoughts on a variety of topics. The Civilian Instructor Course will educate you in most Krav Maga techniques, various fighting techniques, Principles of Krav Maga doctrine, Teaching and practice methods, Training methods, Basic management, Promotion and marketing of a training place and more.

IKMF Curriculum Handbook

The First tip I can give you is to do your best in the first five minutes. For more information visit KravMaga. During the course participants will be supplied with the instructor’s manual, pictures and Logo for future use once qualified, Grading and curriculum material, lessons ccurriculum and more.

Personal opinion according to per…. However, out of respect to all members and visitors to this forum, KMAA requests that you refrain from posting threats, advertising content designated as spam, or offensive, negative, or disparaging remarks.

That said,I do not think it’s the small variations in a technique that is going to save your life. Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations Great answer! I assume all Krav organizations are 90 percent similar. IKMF has educated hundreds of instructors operating in: If so, I respect that. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Login or Sign Up. Last edited by bear34 ; iknf, The civilian instructor course is one of the most popular programs that IKMF offers.

IKMF places very imf emphasize on updating the syllabus as often as needed so it is always contemporary and effective.

IKMF | How To Pass Your Krav Maga Test

Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations Hm that’s interesting. The Krav Maga Association of America Forum serves over 5, members and has over 35, posts, covering everything from Krav Maga technique and training tips to “off-topic” discussions, upcoming seminars, and special events. I assume this means they are always updating things well in Krav Worldwide.

However I am also curious for the other organization’s curriculum to see how it differs. E the tested trainee will know how to adapt. We are taught “soft techniques” in KMW such as wrist releases and creating distance between you and the potential attacker while trying to de-escalate the situation if there even is one.


From what I’ve been learning so far at KMW, it is even encouraged to make preemptive strikes if you feel threatened physically or if you feel you have no other choice.

Women self-defense qualifications enable women of all ages to learn, in a rela…. Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations At KMW you’re given the curriculum in the membership handbook. I have found some but I would like to get more. While a soldier has the authority to kill, a civilian should protect only himself and a 3rd party protector is responsible for guarding his client; a Law Enforcer pr….

Last edited by KMyoshi ; This is only my opinion however Related articles More than a year ago Articles Here you will find a collection of articles written by members of the GIT and Exprets from around the world 6 months ago Should women and children train in Krav Maga after a traumatic experience? Kid self defense enables children, curriculjm a relative short period, to learn …. Unfortunately we’re not taught many methods of de-escalating a conflict verbally.

The Law Enforcement personnel’s job is literally – to enforce the Law. Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations So many Krav organizations it is impossible to know who from what. In fact, jkmf encouraged to be as loud as possible if under attack so you can draw attention to yourself and the situation that is unfolding to bystanders.

Take them off the planet. Most often, what starts out as ‘casual’ Krav Maga training in the afternoon becomes a true passion for the trainee and IKMF offers many additional civilian training frameworks.