Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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But her uncle and those of his household, seeking solace for their disgrace, began to divulge the story of our marriage, and thereby to violate the pledge they had given me on this point. Indeed that earlier betrayal had become a little thing in comparison with this later evil, and I lamented the hurt to my fair name far more than the one to my body. When we heard this both the prior and I were stricken with fear.

Fortuitu namque mihi quadam die legenti occurrit quedam Bede sententia qua in expositione Actuum Apostolorum asserit Dyonisium Ariopagitam Corinthiorum potiusquam Atheniensium fuisse episcopum. Unde et illud est beati Iheronimi in epistola ad Castricianum: The exiles being thus dispersed in various places, I perceived that this was an opportunity presented by God himself to me whereby I could make provision anew for my oratory.

Quorum quidem intolerabiles spurcitias ego frequenter atque vehementer modo privatim modo publice redarguens, omnibus me supra modum onerosum atque odiosum effeci. Si hunc preiuditio, quod non arbitror, gravaveritis, etiamsi recte, multos vos offensuros sciatis et non deesse plurimos qui eum defendere velint, presertim cum in presenti scripto nulla videamus que aliquid obtineant aperte calumpnie; et quia iuxta illud Jheronimi: Illi vero ad abbatem statim concurrentes quod mihi imposuerant nuntiaverunt; qui libenter hoc audivit, gaudens se occasionem aliquam adipisci qua me opprimeret, utpote qui quanto ceteris turpius vivebat, magis me verebatur.

Si reverentia Dei contempnitur, amor saltem honestatis impudentiam temperet. A thing so manifest could deceive only a few, no one, methinks, save him whose shame it chiefly bespoke, the girl’s uncle, Fulbert.

Thus, indeed, did it come to pass. You have set up this judge, forsooth, for the instruction of faith and the correction of error, and calamitatun, when he ought to give judgment, he condemns himself out of his own mouth. It seemed to me that such people might indeed be kindly disposed toward me, particularly as they would doubtless suspect me of being no good Christian, imputing my flight to some crime I had committed, and would therefore believe that I might perhaps be won over to their form of worship.

Hec et similia persuadens seu dissuadens, cum meam deflectere non posset stultitiam nec me sustineret offendere, suspirans vehementer et lacrimans perorationem suam tali fine terminavit: Si adhuc hominibus placerem, Christi servus non essem. Thereupon they ran to the abbot and told him of the misdemeanour with which they charged me.

So that, methinks, they prospered more through gifts in a single year than I should have done if I had stayed there a hundred. More recently there were the three philosophical sects which Josephus defines in his Book of Antiquities xviii.


Mirabilis quidem in oculis erat auscultantium, sed nullus in conspectu questionantium. Non multo autem interiecto tempore, ex immoderata studii afflictione correptus infirmitate coactus sum repatriare, et per annos aliquot a Francia remotus, querebar ardentius ab his quos dialetica sollicitabat doctrina.

Historia Calamitatum by Peter Abelard

Thus the Pythagoreans shunned all companionship of this kind, and were wont to dwell in solitary and desert places. Has fortune such power To smite so lofty a head? Following the return of our master to the city, the combats in disputation which my scholars waged both with him himself and with his pupils, and the successes which fortune gave to us, and above all to me, in these wars, you have long since learned of through your own experience. It was given out that I, presuming on my gifts far beyond the warranty of my youth, was aspiring cqlamitatum my tender years to the leadership of a school; nay, more, that I was making ready the very place in which I would undertake this task, the place being none other than the castle of Melun, at that time a calamitatm seat.

Quo completo reversus sum in Franciam, maxime ut de divinitate addiscerem, quando iam sepefatus magister noster Guillhelmus in episcopatu Catalaunensi pollebat. Medieval literature Autobiographies 12th-century Latin books.

Ad quam me concors fratrum electio cum assensu principis terre vocavit, atque hoc ab mearrum nostro et fratribus facile impetravit; sicque me Francorum invidia ad Occidentem sicut Jheronimum Romanorum expulit ad Orientem. For in every race, gentiles or Jews or Christians, there calamitatun always been a few who excelled their fellows in faith or in the purity of their lives, and who were hitoria apart from the multitude by their continence or by their abstinence from worldly pleasures.

Due res sunt conscientia et fama. But my rivals, perceiving that they would accomplish nothing if the trial were to be held outside of their own diocese, and in a place where they could have little influence on the verdict, and in truth having small wish that justice should be done, persuaded the archbishop that it would be a grave insult to him to transfer this case to another court, and that it would be dangerous for him if by chance I should thus be acquitted.

This he did in order that the onslaughts of lust might be broken by the fear and constant presence of disease, and that his followers might find no pleasure save in the things they learned.

But the true Paraclete Himself brought me real consolation in the midst of this sorrow of mine, and made all due provision for His own oratory. Besides dwelling thus on the disgrace to me, she reminded me of the hardships of married life, to the avoidance of which the Apostle exhorts us, saying: Nay, the persecution carried on by my sons rages against me more perilously and continuously than that of my open enemies, for my sons I have always with me, and I am ever exposed to their treacheries.


historia calamitatum mearum

Ille autem statim mihi precepit libellum ipsum archiepiscopo illisque emulis meis defferre, quatinus ipsi inde iudicarent qui me super hoc accusabant: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nay, Plato himself, although he calamjtatum a rich man let Diogenes trample on his historoa with muddy feet, and in order that he might devote himself to philosophy established his academy in a place remote from the city, and not only uninhabited but unhealthy as well.

Factum tandem est ut, supra vires etatis de ingenio meo presumens, ad scolarum regimen adolescentulus aspirarem, et locum in quo id agerem hitoria, insigne videlicet tunc temporis Meliduni castrum et sedem regiam. My teacher himself had some foreknowledge of this, and tried to remove my school as far as possible from his own.

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Regarding this there was no lack of hateful murmuring, and the thing which sincere charity induced me to do was seized upon by the wickedness of my detractors as the subject of shameless outcry. They spread abroad such sinister reports of my faith as well as of my calamittum that they turned even my best friends against me, and those who still retained something of their former regard for me were fain to disguise it in every possible way mearuum reason of their fear of these two men.

In omni namgue populo, tam gentili scilicet quam iudaico sive christiano, aliqui semper extiterunt fide seu morum honestate ceteris preminentes, et se a populo aliqua continentie vel abstinentie singularitate segregantes.

Cum autem utrique Remis scolas regerent, crebris suggestionibus archiepiscopum suum Radulfum adversum me commoverunt, ut ascito Conano Prenestino episcopo, qui tunc legatione fungebatur in Gallia, conventiculum quoddam sub nomine concilii in Suesionensi civitate celebrarent, meque invitarent quatenus illud opusculum quod de Trinitate composueram mecum afferrem; et factum est ita. If, however, you care to consider logical explanations, I am prepared to demonstrate that, according to Augustine’s statement, you have yourself fallen into a heresy in believing that a father can possibly be his own son.

Working in secret, he sought in every way he could before I left his following to bring to nought the school I had planned and the place I had chosen for It. Divina autem dispositione tunc actum est, ut dum cibum mihi apparatum non curarem, frater quidam ex monachis quem mecum adduxeram hoc cibo per ignorantiam usus ibidem mortuus occumberet, et famulus ille qui hoc presumpserat tam conscientie sue quam testimonio ipsius rei perterritus aufugeret.

What steps to take against me, or what snares to set for me, he did not know. Resistendum est occupationibus, nec explicande sunt sed submovende.