Heerfordt-Waldenström syndrome is a rare subacute variant of sarcoidosis, characterized by enlargement of the parotid or salivary glands, facial nerve paralysis. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — Heerfordt’s Syndrome, or Uveoparotid Fever. Heerfordt’s syndrome is a rare manifestation of sarcoidosis characterized by the presence of facial nerve palsy, parotid gland enlargement.

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Edit article Share article View revision history. Oral corticosteroids represent the first line treatment option.

Do you know this syndrome? Heerfordt-Waldenström syndrome

This patient had marked improvement of symptoms after 4 days of prednisone therapy. The authors declare that there is syndromd conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. This page was last edited on 9 Julyat Current approach in diagnosis and management of anterior uveitis. As the prognosis for facial nerve palsy in sarcoidosis is thought to be good [ 1415 ], detailed examination, including bronchoscopic biopsy, should proceed in advance of the treatment for facial nerve palsy.

View at Google Scholar J. Radiologic manifestations of sarcoidosis in various organs.

The Heerfordt-Waldenström syndrome as an initial presentation of sarcoidosis

The presence of these cases implies the site of the facial nerve lesion is not limited to the parotid gland. About Blog Go ad-free. The symptoms include inflammation of the eye uveitisswelling of the parotid glandchronic feverand in some cases, palsy of the facial nerves.


Antinuclear antibody and extractable nuclear antigen profiles were within normal limits. Facial palsy in Heerfordt’s syndrome: N Engl J Med.

Angiotensin I-converting enzyme ACE for sarcoidosis diagnosis. He was admitted to the Department of Dermatology in our syjdrome in August, because of worsening swelling of his right eyelid. A year-old man presented with swelling of his right heeerfordt in March and was referred to the Department of Dermatology in a local hospital.

Indexed in Web of Science. Although uveitis was not detected in the ophthalmologic examination, biopsy specimens from the right eyelid and the lymph node in the left thigh revealed noncaseating epithelioid cell granuloma and a diagnosis of sarcoidosis was made histologically Figure 3.

Nerve granulomas and vasculitis in sarcoid peripheral neuropathy: A year-old woman visited our hospital due to left facial palsy and bilateral hearing loss lasting for 4 days. Fundi were normal in appearance. Her posterior pharynx was erythematous, but no areas of oropharyngeal fluctuance were noted.

Abstract Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disease of unclear etiology, which commonly presents with cough, dyspnea, chest pain, fever, weight loss, arthralgias, and erythema nodosum.

Physical examination revealed a left facial droop involving the forehead, cheek, and chin with an inability to close the left eyelid. Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease characterized by granuloma formation. It is normally self-limiting, with cure achieved between 12 and 36 months, but some prolonged cases have been reported.


Computed tomography CT of the chest showed hilar lymphadenopathy with bibasilar interstitial lung disease. Swelling of the bilateral parotid glands and left facial nerve palsy were improved immediately by corticosteroid therapy. No rashes were noted. Open in a separate window. Check for errors and try again. This patient’s blurred vision and eye pain were thought to be related to uveitis. Although initial response rates to corticosteroids are high, a relapse of the symptoms may occur during the tapering of the corticosteroid dose.

CT of the neck soft tissues demonstrating prominent cervical lymphadenopathy. Two months after discharge, her facial nerve palsy, parotitis, fevers, and uveitis had resolved.

The Heerfordt-Waldenström syndrome as an initial presentation of sarcoidosis

Open in a separate window. Unable to process the form. This article has been cited synndrome other articles in PMC. Cardiac sarcoidosis was strongly suspected as the cause of the heart failure. Positron emission tomography PET showed hypermetabolic activity in the right parotid gland, right eyelid, anterior mediastinal lymph nodes, groin lymph nodes, and subcutaneous nodule in the thigh Figure 2.