The Age of Fallibility has ratings and 18 reviews. Zach said: I had never heard of George Soros until I read an editorial he sent in to the Wall Stre. The Age of Fallibility. George Soros, June 26, Tyranny, violence, ignorance , and arrogance: The celebrated financier and bestselling author takes on the. George Soros: The Age of Fallibility – Consequences of the War on Terror. Public Affairs, New York, Soros considers himself a stateless statesman who is.

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The first half of the book is dedicated to Soros’ theory of reflexivity. He says, and I paraphrase, “that loneliness and feelings of inferiority could ensue When he says that democracy will prevail, he really means that America will prevail.

Soros gives a scathing indictment of the Bush administration’s “go it alone” foreign policy, which resulted in stunted or negative progress on all these issues. Understanding reality means we create a model or picture in our mind which is correspond with it.

Pointing out that something can be improved is not the same as being against it.

The problems we face are truly daunting, and the combination of political instability, environmental crisis, and energy needs may lead to a perfect storm of global chaos. I read this book long egorge and didn’t remember much about it.

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror by George Soros

A very good read. George Soros is a Hungarian-American financier, businessman and notable philanthropist focused on supporting liberal ideals and causes.

It challenges the hegemonic attitudes that have prevailed for most of the century. Dec 06, David rated it did not like it. I’m not especially faallibility placed to rate this in terms of academic content of originality; I never studied philosophy or politics, though I have been a practitioner of the latter, and I did scrape a little below the surface of the philosophy of science back in my historian days.

He worries that America is so busy trying to feel good that it has lost any thirst for knowing the truth. Is there an opposite to the Midas Touch? However it seems sound enough, particularly his linkage with and development of the notions of Karl Popper. Quotes rallibility The Age of Fallib It was shocking to read how George Soros has no compunction about using his billions to create political global change.


And yet his differences with George Bush, another proponent of freedom, are profound. However, some more thoughts around the war on terror would have been welcome. George Soros should not write in English. The book is overflowing with such clarity and intelligence that I can’t imagine anyone honestly interested in what’s going wrong with America would not be fascinated with it.

And the bad thing is most countries follow and support US. Nicole rated it liked it Nov 27, This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He tells ffallibility what he is going to talk about, talks about it, and then tells you what he just talked about.

It makes me wonder if, at the age of 87, he isn’t losing control of his Open Society Foundation, to others with less well-intentioned objectives. In the second part of his book, Mr Sorros tried to elaborate his concept and he stresses much thing that not rational on our era especially on the way USA mistreat other country. I re-read this book because Mr.

Other than maybe I thought Mr. Soros, quite frankly, worries me.

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror

Tsvetelina rated it really liked it May 29, Soros started out as a philosopher, moved on to make his fortune, and since then has used that money to become an inspired and truly impressive philanthropist. I do like this book, but I don’t think that it is a fantastic book. As he has in his recent books, On Globalization and The Bubble of American SupremacySoros uses facts, anecdotes, personal experience and falliiblity to illuminate a major topic in a way that both enlightens and inspires.

Derek T rated it liked it Oct 02, This has the affect of seeming a bit repetitive, but at the same time, you realize that the ideas are actually sinking in. I would even say that anyone who liked would find this a modern sequel that is entirely adequate to the task. Isa rated it really liked it Apr 12, In this book we get a very clear and honest look at the current state of t This book is so impressive that I have to start my review by stating that I do not currently have the skills I would need to do this book justice.


Soros gives an in depth look into all three geore and makes some very good points.

We can only solve these problems with global cooperati Very interesting overview of the current world situation as seen by someone with a lot of world-stage experience.

Soros is quite frank about wanting to change the leaning of the American media and describing how his numerous NGOs operate in geroge world.

It means that reality is exist around us and waiting for us to understand it. The argument is reasoned and reasonable. What really caught me by surprise appears on page May 07, Bob rated it really liked it.

Be the first to ask a question about The Age of Fallibility. There should be l It was shocking falllbility read how George Soros has no compunction about using his billions to create political global change.

Soros seems to want a world where freewill and dissent are to be encouraged, whilst being content to deny it to those that would argue against him. I respect him for having passion for his causes and putting gorge money where his mouth is.

Refresh and try again. In this powerful essay Soros spells out his views and how they differ from the soross.