A review of some of the most popular Fontainebleau bouldering guidebooks available, to help inspire you to choose the right one for your trip. Get all the necessary information for a successful trip to Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau. France. Buy topo. Info; Map; Topo; Photos; Stories; Travel info; Get topo Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a. 5 + 6 Fontainebleau Bouldering Guidebook (topo) details the location of thousands of medium to difficult straight up boulder problems that are graded between.

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Upload a photo of area. Also showers for non-residents!

5 + 6 Fontainebleau Bouldering Guidebook – Central and Southern

Even a few grains of sand can feel like ball bearings and it will accelerate the polishing of the holds. Isatis mellow Apremont amazing place but properly huge, maybe not for a first day out as easy to get lost Oh, look out for the wild boar here aswell We use them to give you the best experience.

Good mix of photos, maps, circuits, history. If you want to experience all that Font has to offer a car is recommended – there is a fair distance between areas and it will help with all your mats and gear.

During easter Font is packed. Spot and get spotted, particularly on the desperate topouts. Roche aux Sabots Train The Eurostar from London to Paris is just over 2. Jon Stewart – on 20 Feb Part of the fun of Font, though, is just turning up in an area and climbing especially on a first visit.


The purple guide is ok once you’re at the crags but is hopeless for finding them – if you get it make sure you also buy a decent map, off piste is better but still not boulldering. As I said first time we’re going so which guide would you say suited us best?

Mix up the style of problems, slabs are a good way of giving the arms a rest. RossKirtley – on 20 Feb Bus connection to Fontainebleau and Buthiers. Fontainebleau topos routes in 39 crags.

Alex1 – on 21 Feb Its great if you are knocking out circuits aswell and good for planning your days. Vontainebleau Crux Expedition Award is an annual grant to encourage young climbers to try for adventurous objectives. Bike Its possible to hire bikes in the bike shop in Fontainebleau town.

Fontainebleau, Bouldering | theCrag

Full climbing guide on rebranded site. There are plenty of low cost airlines that fly into Paris and its satellite airports that offer good deals, although you may get stung on haulage costs for your mat. These guarantee you won’t get lost while navigating to the right rock and that bad internet connection won’t stop you browsing the topos!

The holy grail of bouldering. How long are you going for? From them, several sectors can be reached by a short hike of about 30min. As they are not numbered, having a good guide book so you can find them is essential. Car To get the most out of a Font trip you really need a car, not alone to get to the boulders but for shopping and rest days.


Located close to Paris, so there are many options to get there. Font has a habit of kicking arses, but in a very very pleasant way Were off out there fontainegleau in 4 weeks, super psyched! Personally I think the best guide combination is: More beautiful minimalist design covering problems in the mid-grades.

Fontainebleau Bouldering

I take at least 4 days off before the trip. In reply to Stefan Kruger: More information about the train network on the Transilien websiteincluding this map of the network.

Tactics Where working a problem use an analytical approach, check the topout, makes sure you have found all the holds, have a good think about the sequence before you pull on. Climb outside as much as possible, seek out technical slabs, walls, aretes and tricky topouts.

Loading up a car and driving from the UK is a great way to guiide down fontainebleak costs and once you arrive you can easily travel from spot to spot.