SOPHOCLES THE THREE THEBAN PLAYS ANTIGONE • OEDIPUS THE KING OEDIPUS AT COLONUS TRANSLATED BY ROBERT FAGLES. Plot summaries and analysis of Sophocles’ play Oedipus Rex. the translation by Robert Fagles The Three Theban Plays: Antigone; Oedipus the King; Oedipus . Robert Fagles. Introduction and notes by Bernard Knox. New York: Viking Press, PP. $ Oedipus the King. Trans. Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay.

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Take care of them, I beg you.

Out with it, once and for all! His command was clear, every word: What love, what call of the heart can touch my ears with joy? Where are the public gatherings you can join, the banquets of the clans? Tell me, when did you ever prove yourself a prophet? Mother and father marked out that rock to be my everlasting tomb — buried alive. Nothing I could see could bring me joy.

Oh again, the misery, all at once, over and over the stabbing daggers, stab of memory raking me insane. O the terror — the suffering, for all the world to see, the worst terror that ever met my eyes. But the hand that struck my eyes falges mine, mine alone — no one else — I did it all myselfi What good were eyes tagles me?

Brush them from your mind. Get out— faster, back where you came from — vanish! Not a man on earth can see a day ahead, groping through the dark. I will, I will.


Not a man on earth. Piety demands no less. And you, did you. Blind as you are, you can feel all the more what sickness haunts our city. Time is the great healer, you will see. I will say fages more.

So, you mock my blindness? I say you are the murderer you hunt. What can he have for me? At least revere the Sun, the holy fire that keeps us all alive.

So close, oedpus were you doing here, just passing through? Her own child, how could she? Who will marry you then? Standing by me, still with a care for me, the blind man?

Apollo brought neither thing to pass. No more, sweep it from your mind forever. No wonder you suffer twice over, the pain of your wounds, the lasting grief of pain. Wheeling on the messenger. True, and his early years without a child made him love you all the more.

Oedipus Rex: Summaries and Analysis | Sophocles | Homework Online

Why scan the birds 10 55 that scream above our heads? Such filth from him?

faglles Pray for life, my children, live where you are free to grow and season. Who could restrain his anger hearing you? And who is he?

Oedipus the King (text) Fagles translation

Here is proof, quick and to the point. Just for this, the crown the city gave me — I never sought it, they laid it in my hands— for this alone, Creon, the soul of trust, my loyal friend from the start steals against me I am going — you know on what condition?


He is my last hope — I am waiting for the cagles. But now, all those prophecies I feared-— Poly bus packs them off to sleep with him in hell! O god — all come true, all burst to light! Do one thing eodipus, for your sake, not mine. But Laius, so the report goes at least, was killed by strangers, thieves, at a place where three roads meet.

You think you’ll stand by Creon when he’s king? Let me grant your prayers. Ragles no, ordipus that, you pure and awesome gods, never let me see that dayl Let me slip g from the world of men, vanish without a trace before I see myself stained with such corruption, stained to the heart.

You are the king no doubt, but in one respect, at least, I am your equal: What are you saying? Then — the child came from the house. Do as you like, build your anger to whatever pitch you please, rage your worst — oedipus: I thought I heard you say that Laius was cut down at a place where three roads meet.

The king of the land who ruled here long messenger: