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Title: EWR 21AUG95, Version: , Date: Aug, Status: Active, Desc: EWR EASTERN AND WESTERN RANGE (EWR). Tailored EWR , System Safety Program Plan, Noncompliance Requests, and Launch Complex Safety Training and Certification. Find the most up-to-date version of EWR CONT. DIST. at Engineering

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Range safety user manual EWR 127-1 (Eastern and Western Range 127-1)

In addition to a transfer of safety system functions, the committee concluded that responsibilities for developing detailed safety models to support flight operations should also be transferred. Destruct lines and flight termination system requirements should be defined and implemented in a way that is directly traceable to accepted risk dwr.

In addition, print and electronic accessibility to a variety of Range Safety documents is discussed. The fundamental goal wer the U. Page 21 Share Cite. For failure modes in which edr ends prematurely, a thrust-termination type of FTS would have no added benefit. Population modeling is described in Appendix E. Current practices are also at odds with normal Air Force acquisition practices and with specific guidance in both versions of the MOA on spacelift roles and responsibilities.


For example, models may assume that all debris survives to impact or use worst-case wind profiles. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? Each command is expected to manage the hardware, software, and support necessary to meet its mission requirements. Page 15 Share Cite. Primary Recommendation on Roles and Responsibilities.

Following these events, vehicles have historically been wwr reliable.

The IIP encounters the Africa gate seconds after launch. Converge the modeling and analysis approaches, tools, assumptions, and operational procedures used at the Western and Eastern Ranges. This would not be true if a malfunction occurred downrange that unexpectedly reduced vehicle thrust or directed a vehicle off ewe intended ewwr while maintaining stable, powered flight.

Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The last part of this chapter examines risk criteria, risk management, and analysis methods, including the potential for eliminating downrange safety-related assets at the ER.


Before systems are turned over to operational commands, AFMC must certify that all systems have been designed to meet operational requirements and check out at the component, subsystem, and system levels. Application eewr Risk Management.

Navy and Air Force, and aircraft flight tests. To manage the safety aspects of the acquisition-like functions specified in the memorandum of agreement, AFMC should establish an independent wer office. As indicated above and in Appendix Ethe committee noted that conservatism is, in fact, built into many range safety analytical models and procedures. This conclusion should be validated by more detailed analyses covering current and future launch vehicles of interest.

If properly executed, this transfer would reduce costs and workload for both the Air Force and range users by eliminating duplicative efforts and standardizing procedures and systems.

No launch site worker or member of the general public has been killed or seriously injured in any of the 4, launches conducted at the ER and WR during the entire year history of the space age. Several factors suggest that the collective risk standard, E ccould still be met if the Africa gates were moved uprange. Such changes could render invalid the informed decision process which helps protect the 127-11 from liability RCC, a.

Page 22 Share Cite. If for any reason the range safety personnel cannot verify that a vehicle is and will remain within specified boundaries e. Research Triangle Park, N. This issue has been ewwr developed in the Flight Safety Analyst Handbook:.

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This report presents six primary recommendations, which address risk management, Africa gates, roles and responsibilities, range safety documentation [EWR ]global positioning system GPS receiver tracking systems, and risk standards for aircraft and ships. First, most major vehicle events staging and engine starts occur within approximately seconds of launch while the vehicle is well within the area covered by uprange assets.

The basic responsibility of the range esr offices—the protection of human life and property—should not be changed. Analyzing, testing, and certifying the design of new and modified 127- involves staff assigned to many different elements of the range safety offices at the WR and ER. Transfer of Acquisition Functions to an Acquisition Command.

Range safety user manual EWR (Eastern and Western Range ) [PDF] – Все для студента

The differences may increase costs because of overlap or duplication of effort in developing models, software, and hardware for the two ranges. Findings and Recommendations on Roles and Responsibilities. Based on feedback from you, 1271- users, we’ve made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website.


Development and Engineering Functions at the Ranges. A collective risk standard i. EWR does not describe the source of most of its requirements. The basic responsibility of the newly established AFMC safety office would be to support to the system program offices and AFSPC, as appropriate during the acquisition, developmental testing, sustainment, and improvement of space systems.

While other requirements may exist, from the perspective of launch range safety the Air Force should move the Africa gates to within the limits of uprange flight termination and tracking systems; eliminate the use of assets in Antigua and Ascension for range safety support; and conduct a detailed technical assessment to validate the feasibility of moving other gates uprange.

Biographies of Committee Members 46—48 Appendix C: Because of inherent uncertainties in input parameters and modeling assumptions, safety assessments can provide only approximate results, even though range safety personnel are constantly improving their analytical models based on actual range experience.

The gates are perpendicular to the nominal trajectory, and the width of the gates accounts for tracking uncertainties and acceptable variations in trajectory.

The committee recognizes that determining which functions are involved in the development phase and where to draw the line organizationally between operations and development will be difficult because these functions have been closely linked for many years. The ranges also use an individual risk criteria, P cto describe the probability of an individual in any particular place being killed or severely injured during a launch.

Close ear between operational staffs at the ranges, system operators or developers, and the AFMC safety office would be necessary to evaluate risks, generate new safety tools, establish appropriate risk standards, and manage risk for these missions.