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The diagnosis of sexual abuse should be made whenever either of the signs and symptoms below are found: In this relationship of power, of quests for excess, for whatever is different or even abnormal, little importance is given to children and adolescents and stgauss the consequences of their abuse.

In sexual abuse of children and adolescents, lewd acts estrkcturas the most common ones. In other situations, the child or adolescent can be induced dfl accuse a stranger or any other distant person who cannot defend himself from the accusation, thus covering up the actual offender.

This mother seeks to maintain the “stability and safety” of the family, which represents her safe harbor. Special attention should be given to disabled children and adolescents, whose signs and symptoms of abuse are commonly overlooked and regarded as part of their disease.

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Conclusions Pediatricians, by accomplishing their professional role and duty, are supposed to be able to prevent sexual abuse, diagnose its risks, and raise an early elementwles, and when violence is in the process of being established, to make a timely diagnosis and reporting, so that the physical and emotional integrity of the child or adolescent can be warranted. A thorough physical examination should be performed in every child and adolescent and the inspection of genitals and anus should be a routine practice.

This approach is, at first, received with satisfaction by the child, who feels privileged receiving attention from the adult.

Many of these victims, if left to their own devices, will carry along this suffering child in them, as well as their pain and sequelae, for the rest of their lives. This sequence of incomplete assessment of physical and emotional sequelae caused by sexual abuse of a child or adolescent demonstrates failure in legal instruments, which should prioritize the protection of children and adolescents. It should be underscored that sexual abuse affects both sexes, but the highest incidence occurs among females, since it is more culturally accepted for the parenesco itself and for reporting.


Pediatricians should be prepared to perform a thorough physical examination, including estructras examination, to search for possible physical, genital or esyructuras signs of abuse. Similar findings can be observed when the offender touches the vulva or vaginal introitus with his fingers without penetrating it. The review of a child’s sexual experiences should be a routine procedure in medical history with an in-depth investigation if the child describes symptoms related to the genitalia or anus or if she or he has an age-inappropriate sexually-oriented behavior.

Therefore, statistical data are not absolute. In several cases, the mother, either consciously or unconsciously, delegates the heavy role of mother and wife, in every respect, to her adolescent daughter The effects of disclosure and intervention on sexually abused children.

The identification of domestic violence and of physical and psychological warning signs concerning sexual abuse is part of the general evaluation. Cases of sexual abuse of children and adolescents are usually unsuspected and difficult to confirm, and are committed by people who are often closely related to the victims and over whom they have some kind of power or dependence. At preschool age, immature cognitive development, poor perception of the world, combined with speech difficulties, affect the understanding of facts, and consequently, the reporting, follow-up and assessment of abuse cases.

Except in the case of vaginal penetration, injury is limited to the vulvar and anal regions.

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If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots. This sequence triggers a set of self-defense or self-destruction reactions, depending on the care and protection these victims receive.

The possibility that a child has of revealing an abuse may lead other children and adolescents from the same family environment to report on an abuse they are suffering or have already suffered.

Children referred for possible sexual abuse: Injuries to the genital region. American Academy of Pediatrics. It is necessary to establish a good relationship, always explaining what is going to be done and why, never promising unfeasible things e. Pediatricians must be aware that when they treat a child or adolescent presenting some of the signs previously mentioned or when they suspect of sexual abuse, even through apparently unfounded complaints made by a suffering child, these victims seek in them the hope to break the pact of silence that involves the incestuous family and the surrounding environment.


To corroborate this practice, the mother finds it difficult to admit incest, as this would acknowledge her failure as a mother and wife, whereas the offender uses all the tricks to keep his acts secret and unrevealed.

Pediatricians should not forget that they are treating an extremely emotionally broken child, who is confused, feeling humiliated, ashamed, guilty, afraid and helpless.

They are considered yet more severe once they are types of abuse in which the offender is the parent or legal guardian, or is someone who has a family-type relationship with the child.

At school age and in adolescence, shame, guilt and feeling of unprotectedness or complicity with other legal guardians, combined with incomplete development of moral values to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the family environment and praentesco bonds of affectionin addition to the difficulty or impossibility to have a dialog with parents or legal guardians who are not directly involved estructiras the abuse, turn underreporting into a commonplace situation.

However, these reports have been the major legal estructiras for the classification of violent acts, although they use the same criteria for adults, children and adolescents, in all lawsuits.

This stage of care is crucial to parrentesco the victim from damage and complications that may result from the abuse, and should be implemented up to 72 hours after the event. Survivors of sexual abuse often repeat the cycle of victimization, sexually abusing their own children intergenerational abuse 5.