Div, Grad, Curl And All That – An Informal Text on Vector Calculus 3rd ed – H. Schey (Norton, ) , Oct , K. Div, Grad, Curl And All . Page 1. div grad an curl informal and on text. Vector all calculus that third edition. h. m. schey. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Div, grad, curl, and all that: an informal text on vector calculus / H.M. Schey Schey, Harry M. (Harry Moritz), · View online · Borrow · Buy.

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Jun 25, Guillaume Ggad rated it it was amazing. Since the publication of the First Edition over thirty years ago, Div, Grad, Curl, and All That has been widely renowned for its clear and concise coverage of vector calculus, helping science and engineering students gain a thorough understanding of gradient, curl, and Laplacian operators without required knowledge of advanced mathematics.

Sahil rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Very easy to grasp, provided with figures, and links most of the topics to their applications in real life. Oct 13, Ariful Islam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the author has justified the existence of the 4th edition largely due to the ins This book is all about intuition rather than rigor. These kind of examples are simply not here. A lot of figures mean that you better understand what the author says.

Aug 21, Umair Hasan added it. Exercises are more difficult as chapters progress. I really dig it. An extremely useful book for vector calculus that you’ll probably go back to more than once especially if you’re into Scheh. The exercises represent a good range of difficulty, and the informal style of writing makes the concepts easy to grasp in the absence of classroom instruction.


It makes me wonder why people bother searching for enlightenment in ancient tomes. Div grad curl was an incredible experience to me.

Limited to three dimensions, limited in its rigor, but within these limits crystal-clear about the how and why of Div, Grad, Curl and the equations in which these derivatives occur. If you are a physics student struggling to put precise physical intuition into divergence, gradient and curl operations, this text is a quick study. Price Kagey rated it really liked it Oct 23, This book satisfies the desire for derivation and motivation over rigor.

All one needs is a semester of calc, and this book.

Horrible description of surface integrals. Most have the result of calculation at the back for verification, but not how it was derived. Sep 22, Kourtney rated it it was amazing.

Don’t miss out on IV though: It starts out by explicitly setting a goal to find the electric field due to any distribution of charges, and then it approaches the goal step by step, introducing the concepts of vector calculus to overcome the obstacles one by one, in a very logical progression.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Although the author has justified the existence of the 4th edition largely due to the insertion of more examples, I still think that they are not enough. The author builds the way up from geometric considerations to eventually deriving the div, grad, curl and laplacian operators of vector calculus hence the title.

May 01, Jeff rated it did not like it.

Jul 31, Erickson rated it it was amazing Scehy So overall its an intuitive first introduction to the subject that A short and concise book for getting intuition on vector calculus as a tool for physics. Ideal for the physics student who wants to develop their intuition for the basic theorems of vector calculus.


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This book explained the mysteries hinted at in the other book. It will prepare you well for. I also found the practice problems to be really helpful, as they are not overly-difficult and tend to reinforce the most important concepts. I’ll have to go back through to do a more careful rereading and work some of the problems, but it’s a pretty grae guide to the topic of multivariable calculus.

DIV, Grad, Curl, and All That: An Informal Text on Vector Calculus

Lists with This Book. This math book is incredibly fun to read: Arc rated it really liked it Jun 25, Mar 30, sqrt2 rated it it was amazing. Paperbackpages. Some exercises in the last chapter assumes knowledge of physics I don’t have so I skipped those.

Div, grad, curl, and all that : an informal text on vector calculus / H.M. Schey – Details – Trove

Almost always they make you go back to the text of the chapter for a second read. I recommend the Physics undergrad read this schry summer before their first year of university studies.

A lot of meaningful things could be added as there are a lot of topics that beg for this kind of basic yet highly intuitive and pictorial exposition. I didn’t discover it scheyy the end of my course in vector calculus, and I wish I had used it as a companion piece for the course.