Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada (Libros del Asteroide nº 64) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Sue Kaufman, Milena Busquets: : Kindle Store. “Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada” de Sue Kaufman está a medio camino entre “La campana de cristal” de Sylvia Plath y la serie “Mujeres Desesperadas”. Buy Diario de una Ama de Casa Desquiciada from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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Jan 20, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: I personally would shove Zoloft at her and encourage her to actually make non socially climbing friends, but she lives in a very different world than we do Return to Book Page.

I was also surprised and intrigued by the ending, and have spent time wondering how such an ending was received at the time of publication Oh this book is just terrific. I don’t want to ruin it, though this isn’t really that kind of book, but basically, everything just gets tied up in a far too terrific way. The characters her husband, his “classy” friends, the housekeeper, their children and neighbors are perfectly drawn, and the dialogue is impeccable.

Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada

This book made me angry and uppity. Full of shrewd observations about marriage and domestic life that are still relevant 50 years after it was first published. This is a well written classic which gave readers insight into the mind of well educated housewives. What I am at other times is so jazzed up with nerves I can’t stand still and everything shakes, and I end up either having to take a pill or a quick sneaky shot of vodka-it depends which is available.

Earlier this year, my GR desquicisda Julie and I tried to read the feminist roman a clef Fear of Flying and I think it’s fair to say we both found it to be punishment. View all 5 comments.


Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada – Sue Kaufman | Libros Kalish – Librería online

The tale stretches over roughly a six month period in the middle of her marriage to a successful and self-centered lawyer in the Upper West Side. Touchy and disorganized he thinks I am. To ask dfsquiciada readers questions about Diary of a Mad Housewifeplease sign up.

You at least have to appreciate desquicada. It might be a bit dated—I’d like to think women don’t do this anymore—but the story still reads as fresh. She seems to have everything and even though her life isn’t perfect, she doesn’t even have to clean her own damn house! But I still loathe Johnathan.

I am intrigued by Bettina regaining some “control” or sense of self as the book finishes. Sin embargo, no he conectado con ella ni con sus problemas o casw. Bettina’s family of origin and brush with mental illness provided context and This is a well written classic which gave readers insight into the mind of well educated housewives.

Jul 28, Maggie rated it liked it. Book 14 for book club.

Videorrecomendación de Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada. | Lecturas con humor | Pinterest

You know, this book has really stuck in my head since I recently finished it. Dec 23, Daysleeper rated it it was amazing.

The film’s ending is probably more realistic, but the novel is satisfying and both are wickedly funny. Her husband is a lawyer and a hopeless social climber. Usa mucho el sarcasmo para burlarse y quitar importancia al estado de nervios de la protagonista.

My husband graduated high school in ; I did in when we saw and loved the film, which is terrific but not available on DVD. BTW, it was made into a memorable Oscar-nominated film inwhich is annoyingly out of print now – hello, Criterion, how about giving it your typically thorough treatment?


Some interesting stylistic tics including ironic capitalizations that I didn’t see again until bloggery.

Diary of a Mad Housewife

She is very depressed and just barely holding it together with booze, nembutal, and an extra-marital affair. Sep 03, Sarah Suchon rated it really liked it. Jan 31, Anneta rated it liked it. None, of course, cure her, but in the end spoiler alert? Nov 17, Brooke rated it it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Except for the fact that my husband is Not a mysoginist sexist pig, like the hubby in this book is,and the lack of an affair, lol, Bettina’s life is a lot like mine was a few years ago, when the Lyme panic almost had me house bound and agorophobic and everything else.

The film and book both get Five outta Five from ol’ Rob.

Mar 25, Oriana rated it really liked it Shelves: However, I like where the author ended up taking the story and how it explored the way human relationships affect each other and influence opinions, perspectives, and self image. Written in the 60s, it’s surprisingly undated.

But reading this book It’s a very accurate portrayal of depression, but sometimes I had a ha Proto-feminist classic. Therefore, Bettina longs for George, and he, a bit, for her, in non-sexual ways, but their love scenes are especially pg-rated by today’s standards.

He, and the society they keep, are phony and she is responding feeling out of control of herself and her life which she kind of is as she’s not working, etc.