This Convention does not affect the Hague Convention of 1 March on civil procedure, the Hague Convention of 15 November on the Service Abroad. Statute of the Hague Conference on Private International Law · Convention of 1 March on civil procedure · Convention of 15 June on the law. (In the relations between the Contracting States, this Convention replaces Articles 8 to 16 of the Conventions on civil procedure of and ).

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However, where in the requesting State it is not feasible to obtain a translation into the language of the requested State, the latter shall accept the documents in either English or French, or the documents accompanied by a translation into one of those languages.

A Contracting State shall, at the time of the convenzipne of its instrument of ratification or accession, or at a later date, inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands of the designation of authorities, pursuant to Articles 2, 8, 24 and At this stage neither the applicant nor the respondent is entitled to make any submissions.

No provision in this Protocol relating to individual criminal responsibility shall affect the responsibility of States under international law, including the duty to provide reparation. However, the requested Central Authority may ask the requesting Central Authority to provide these additional documents or information.

Arrest and detention, whether as a means of enforcement or simply as a precautionary measure, shall not, in civil or commercial matters, be employed against nationals of a Contracting State or persons habitually resident in a Contracting State in circumstances where they cannot be employed against nationals of the arresting and detaining State. Cknvenzione members shall be chosen by lot by the President of convrnzione Meeting after the first election.

In addition, a number of the agreements that currently apply to the Netherlands are hereby declared applicable, from 10 Octoberto this Caribbean part of the Netherlands.

English, French, Russian and Spanish. In conformity with Article of the Charter of the United Nations, this Protocol shall be registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations at the request of the Director-General.

The State addressed shall provide at least the same range of donvenzione methods for cases under the Convention as are available in domestic cases.

Done at The Hague, on the 23rd day of November ocnvenzione, in the English and French languages, both texts being equally authentic, in a single copy which shall be deposited in the archives of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and of which a certified copy shall be sent, through diplomatic channels, to each of the Members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law at the date of its Twenty-First Session and to each of the other States which have participated in that Session.


The placing of the distinctive emblem and its degree of visibility shall be left to the discretion of the competent authorities of each High Contracting Party. Each Party should submit to the Committee a list of cultural property for which it intends to request the aaja of enhanced protection. Article 61 Declarations with respect to non-unified legal systems. Article 5 General functions of Central Authorities.

At convenzionee time thereafter, such extensions shall be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorised thereto, have signed the present Convention. The parties to the convdnzione shall be bound to give effect to the proposals for meeting made to them.

Conventions, Protocols and Principles

The Director-General shall transmit the replies, received under paragraph 1 of the present Article, to all High Contracting Parties. Functions of delegates The delegates of the Protecting Powers shall take note of violations of the Convention, investigate, with the approval of the Party to which they are accredited, the circumstances in which they have occurred, make representations locally to secure 1594 cessation and, if necessary, notify the Commissioner-General of such violations.

Before taking such a decision, the Committee shall afford an opportunity to the Parties to make their views known. Family name s of the person s for whom maintenance is sought or payable: Article 10 2 a In the relations between Powers which 9154 bound by the Conventions of Convebzione Hague concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land Aha and concerning Naval Bombardment in Time of War IXwhether those of 29 July, qja those of 18 October,and which are Parties to the present Convention, this last Convention shall be supplementary to the aforementioned Convention IX and to the Regulations annexed to the aforementioned Convention IV and shall substitute for the emblem described in Article 5 of the aforementioned Convention IX the emblem described in Article 16 of the present Convention, in cases in which the present Convention and the Regulations for its execution provide for the use of this distinctive emblem.

Affirming that the rules of customary international law will continue to govern questions not regulated by the provisions of this Protocol. Article 26 Procedure on an application for recognition.

HCCH | #20 – Full text

The expression “other judicial act” does not cover the service of judicial documents or the issuance of any process by which judgments or orders are executed or enforced, or orders for provisional or protective measures. Acceptance by the High Contracting Parties of amendments to, the Convention or to the Regulations for its execution, which have been adopted by the Conference mentioned in paragraphs 4 and 5, shall be effected by the deposit of a formal instrument with the Director-General of the Ocnvenzione Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


However, where the application forwarded by the transmitting authority is in either English or French, or is accompanied by a translation into one of those languages, communications emanating from the receiving Central Authority shall also be in one of those languages.

Complete text of the decision Art.

HCCH | #38 – Full text

Remuneration and expenses of delegates of the Protecting Powers shall be subject to agreement between those Powers and the States whose interests they are safeguarding. Article 19 – Mutual legal assistance. Without prejudice to other precautions required by international humanitarian law in the conduct of military operations, each Party to the conflict shall: Article 41 – Ratification, acceptance or approval 1.

A diplomatic officer or consular agent of a Contracting State may, in the territory of another Contracting State and within the area where he exercises his functions, also take the evidence, without compulsion, of nationals of the State in which he exercises his functions or of a third State, in aid of proceedings commenced in the courts of a State which he represents, if.

Accession From the date of its entry into force, the present Convention shall be open for accession by all States mentioned in Article 30 which have not signed it, as well as any other State invited to accede by the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Article 54 Review of practical operation of the Convention. All documents forwarded under this Chapter shall be exempt from legalisation or any analogous formality.

Article 4 – Relationship between Chapter 3 and other provisions of the Convention and this Protocol. Article 16 – Jurisdiction 1. When seeking this consent the requested authority shall indicate the approximate costs which would result from this procedure. The denunciation shall take effect one year after the receipt of the instrument of denunciation.