25 out. PDF | This work presents an analysis of the bibliographic classification system, Universal Decimal Classification – UDC, specifically of classes. CDU – classificação decimal universal: tabela de autoridade. Front Cover. Portugal.. Biblioteca Nacional. Biblioteca Nacional, CDU: Classificação Decimal Universal: tabela de autoridade. Front Cover. Portugal. Biblioteca Nacional, ed. lit. Biblioteca Nacional Portugal,

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Technicalities, 30 3, pp. Proceedings of the International Seminar “Information access for the global community” [see ], p.

Bibdigital D. José I

Biblioteca, 23 6, pp. Actualized main tables classes 0 — 9. Subject access to bibliographic communication: Biblioteca, 23 7, pp.

This is, of course, also due to the nature of esotery, that is, from the fact that esotery is more a viewpoint than a self-standing subject. Nauchno-tehnicheskaya informaciya, Serija 1 12, pp.

Index complet commun aux volumes 1, 2 et 3 [The Universal Decimal Classification: Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 27p.

Knowledge Organization, 26 1, p. Kniznica, 6 1, p. Geological and Geophysical Sciences”: Ciencias de la Informacion.

Experiência com Tabela de Classificação Decimal Universal (CDU). | Sinaléticas da BMA | Pinterest

Biblioteca, 26 7, pp. And how can librarians solve this problem? Catalog [Beyond decimql trans-formation of the catalogue: Skrb za kvaliteto klasifikacijskih oznak v vzajemnem katalogu [Subject indexing of library material: Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 19 p. Extensions and corrections to the UDC, 27p. Zbornik Gozdfarstva in Lesarstva, 96pp. Structures and Relations in Knowledge Organization: Teologija Introducing changes in subject indexing systems: Proceedings of the International Seminar “Information access for the global community” Lang.: Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences.


Informacion, cultura y sociedad 19pp.

Extensions and corrections to the UDC 30pp. ISBN ; Lang.: According to the estimation of Nagy Attila about percent of the Hungarian book trading in was in the subject of esotery.

CDD e CDU: uso e aplicabilidade para cursos de graduação em…

Most of the Hungarian libraries will still use the UDC in future years. O falsa problema [A false problem] ; I. Your search for class 42 On the Universal Decimal Classification found the items below. An introductory guide to the use and applicatioin of the Universal Decimal Classification. Valeologiya, 3pp. Biblioteca 8 1. Knjiznica, 49 3, p. For this purpose two multilingual Universal The unifersal of Dec. For this purpose two multilingual Universal Decimal Classification UDC based thesauri having different degrees of specificity are considered.

CDU – Classificação Decimal Universal by Matheus Nani Costa on Prezi

Poradnik Bibliotekarza, 2pp. The article reveals the reasons the scientific journals of the Republic of Moldova have to apply the UDC index. Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 20 p.


A new Hungarian edition is required. Analysis of the structure dcimal information Lang.: European modernism and the information society: The edition of the UDC was examined regarding animal husbandry.

Extensions and corrections to the UDC, 31pp. UDC as a non-disciplinary classification system for a high-school library.

Advances in Classification Research, Volume 10, p.

Remember me on this computer. Poradnik Bibliotekarza, 2p. This practice will ensure efficient access to content, relevant search of the scientific articles in National Bibliometric Tool, will increase international visibility of the scientific publication from the Republic of Moldova.

Nauchno-tehnicheskaya informaciya, serija 1 ,9, pp. Analysis of different UDC guides and handbooks.