Evolution of the public sphere in postmodernity: De-politization of political communication. Boudon, Raymond. Cunoaşterea. In Tratat de sociologie , ed. Using Boudon’s5 formula to calculate the rate of upward social mobility in the 5 Raymond Boudon, ed., Tratat de sociologie [initially published in French as. Raymond Boudon considers Emile Durkheim as the most influent sociologist of the Tratat de sociologie (Sociology Treaty), Editura Humanitas, Bucureşti, .

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The assumption of survival was presented in the Theory of International Politics as similar to the utility maximization hypothesis in economics, a tool for conceptual construction.

Boudon, Raymond – Efecte perverse si ordine sociala

There are two ways of evaluating an author: If the same result is produced regardless of variation units, then there must be something beyond, at the systemic level, providing a satisfactory explanation. Taking into account the exaggeration of sociological, economical and positivistic elements of his theories, a new interpretation is required, one aiming at bringing Waltz close to the sources of IR, philosophy and political history.

His explanation was conceptually undetermined, as he admitted, while a contradiction between confirmation and falsifiability plagued his epistemology, and issues regarding testing and methods are not systematically addressed.

Critics have tried to show that anarchy and sovereignty do not mean a world politics defined by recurrent balances of power. Davis Singer’s review paper, Man, the State, and War established the idea of studying international relations in terms of the three levels of analysis, a change that brought some conceptual faymond in the field. Bojdon Center Find new research papers in: They probably caused more controversy and critical reactions than any other aspect of his on international relations.

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A theory which suggests that intentions are not enough, that political regimes have little impact, that one must sometimes ignore external policies to understand international relations was met with a volley of critiques.

The next part is dedicated to the structuralist change.

The ontological and epistemological debates were all justified relative to ideas expressed in Theory of International Politics. The Eternal Peace by Immanuel Kant is the most important pacifist work, which tries to combine moral ideals, duty and pragmatic spirit.


Despite many flaws, Theory of International Politics remains an impressive achievement in terms of the capacity of abstraction and is more flexible than often assumed. Ethical issues from Man, the State, and War have been put in brackets, for similar reasons, but continued to exert influence and are constraining his theoretical choices.

Inspired by Durkheim, the author believed that the structure consists of principle, structural differentiation of units and distribution of capabilities. Only over the long term it can be argued that actors that are too aggressive or very vulnerable will bear excessive costs, which would allow a process of improvement, if decision makers are rational, even if they do not share the same ideas and schemes.

Concepts like polarity, balancing, alignment, anarchy, structure owe their persistence and polemical nature to his interpretation. The first was centered on individuals, their universal features, reunited in the notion of human nature, or on psychological characteristics of decision makers.

Since the goal is to develop the third image, Theory of International Politics completes and does not exclude Man, State and the War.

Tratat de sociologie – Google Books

In addition to the imperfections of human nature and the difficulties of regimes, insecurity and the conflict are fundamental features of the international environment. The epistemology, structures definition, its implications, powers conceptualization, the role of institutions and technology were put under question.

According to Waltz, the simplicity induced trarat the existence of only two great powers and their independence regarding their allies, in terms of survival, both contributed decisively to reduce the chances of a major conflagration.

He believed that the possibility of developing a general theory of international relations tends to be limited to the systemic recurrent balance of power. The ambiguity of his theory, the controversies that he ignited, the sensation of order and clarity left after reading his works, assured him a role of founder of discursivity He was criticized in almost every possible way and has inspired extensive research.

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Waltzian neorealism and the pragmatism of politics | Mihai Zodian –

Man, the State, and War was a conceptual innovation or, at raykond, introduced some clarity with the three images by which author classified the various ideas regarding international politics.

Waltz is characterized by the red line of reformist pragmatism inspired by the tension between conservative skepticism and hope of progress, which led him to see similarities between seemingly opposing concepts. Alongside some aspects like his sympathy towards Immanuel Kant, and the democratic peace theory from Man, State and the Trayat, his considerations regarding the tendency of power concentration and the risk of exhaustion encountered by the Soviet Union, these features put under question tdatat usual view of his ideas as simply structuralist, statist and materialistic.

Alongside the classic discussion about the individual and society or micro and macroeconomical explanations, the disjunction between the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics indicated that physical reality can differ depending on the level, which implies separate perspectives and laws Some examples can illustrate the impact of his writings.

However, Waltz claimed simplicity and functionality, in the sense that, from a systemic point of view, the nature of the units is not the main source of explanation, but the structurally induced goals, while sociologje theory should be evaluated according to her capacity to explain phenomena in her own terms. Essays on Language and Cognition, Mariner Books, As noted, the dualism between theory and events raises the question of the linkage between interpretation and fact, already influenced by representations.

The Kantian approach to epistemology allows reconciliation, over the long term, between the potentially violent reality and the approximation of a moral ideal through subjectivity and autonomy, as Eaymond considered in an important article dedicated to Immanuel Kant