Read “Bonds of Hope: Book Four of Wicked Play” by Lynda Aicher with Rakuten Kobo. Book four of Wicked Play Quinn Andrews has a lot to learn about the. Read Bonds of Hope: Book Four of Wicked Play by Lynda Aicher by Lynda Aicher by Lynda Aicher for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad. Quinn Andrews has a lot to learn about the world of BDSM. Once America’s sweetheart, she has an opportunity to revive her career by playing.

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Seth liked Allie but never acted on it since the first time they met. I hate that I have sooo much to do that I have to keep stopping: Aicer “Bonds of Hope”, Quinn is an actress who wants to really experience her next role as a Sub Submissive in a BDSM film, so she arranges for a week in an exclusive club where she is to be a Sub.

Bonds of Hope

However this chapter has me captured abit more. He quickly enough decides she is a sub, but because she’s a good actress, he’s not completely sure. I think romance is a good word since its definitely not just sex. I love them and my heart broke for each and every one of them. So Allie spoiled my fun. I wonder what happened in Seth’s past??

I’m really starting to see how these three work: Johnson rated it really liked it. I really didn’t like Allie she was too stuck up for me. What should be a game, a discovery driven by curiosity will become a w I am a fan of Lynda Aicher’s serie “Wicked Play. What he wasn’t expecting was how this experience will affect them both. Exceptional writing, the perfect blend of sexy and angsty. Jul 06, Florence rated it it was amazing.

The story is well written that with or without the BDSM part, it would still be an enjoyable read.

One of the new joint owners of The Den he loves his job. But I promise you, if you can handle this level of intense romance, you’ll be richly rewarded with an unconventional love story that may change the way you look at conventional relationships! I’m totally in love and invested in these characters it’s one of my most favorite series of What should be a game, a discovery driven by curiosity will become a window into a way of life with a real sentimental opportunity.


The world building is richer in this story as is the character development.

If writing wasn’t a priority, it would never get done. At this club, it was wicher to get another round of ribbing and jokes instead of the access she wanted.

Each character is satisfying their own need in their own way throughout these series and so far they have all been so varied that you get a completely new experience with each installment. But when he finds what’s supposed to be a consensual scene turning into abuse, he is swift to stop the play and rescue Tyler, promising to take care of him and offering to let him stay in his loft above the club while he recovers.

But it’s not just the most amazing sex she’s ever had-Marcus challenges her to define her own needs and make her own decisions. Lynda Aicher has done a wonderful job being able to give us so many stories within this series without repeating anything. Quinn goes from pretend to reality with only a few days in the careful hands of Marcus but both of them get so much more than what they wanted or didn’t know that they needed from each other.

She’s an actress, he’s a Dom. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Holy cow can this woman write a scene that makes you feel like you’re right there getting into it with them. This of course doesn’t come easily, because it’s a new situation and both participants have their own preconceived notions of the other’s motivations and it takes a bit before the trust is earned and given.

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They are both dominant aifher her and this thrills her, excites her and lets her put her conservative past behind her as they explore each other. It was safer to run right now. At first Marcus Reese is reluctant to take on Quinn’s erotic education, despite his intense hkpe to the stunning starlet. Would you like that? Obviously, as a threesome, Seth, Tyler and Allie were amazing. But what made this relationship work was the three of them, when one walks away the others will crumble.


As they explore her limits and she learns about BDSM, they begin ljnda fall in love, but time is bobds on their side. This is an emotional and beautiful story of 3 people learning to trust I love that they are all battling their own demons. Quinn needs to research the BDSM lifestyle for a role. Wicked Play series is great As I continue through the Wicked Play series the characters lives continue to intertwine and grow in depth.

I’m glad I did.

Bonds of Hope Audiobook | Lynda Aicher |

Seth, Allie and Tyler are an amazing trio that enchanted and held me captive for the duration of the read. Emily Cauldwell was OK but I found her voice to be a bit monotone and the male voices on the whole were not that good. I don’t think that this is a book for someone who has a read one of the popular BDSM books and feels like they’re well versed in this lifestyle.

And Allie stirred something in Seth that he wanted to claim just as much as Tyler. Years of practice held her chin high as she met the eyes of everyone who paid her any mind. The flame within her became an inferno and the small gasp was out before she could suck it back.

This series is what 50 Shades of Grey wants to be when it grows up.