RLi wiring guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RLi AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. Cut. Autowatch RLi Alarm System. Autowatch RLi The RLi is the benchmark ABS level 4 alarm/immobiliser with anti hijack in South Africa. Standard. AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . NOTE B: IF YOU ARE UPGRADING A RLi OR RLi PRODUCT TO. THE.

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Autowatch VESA Approved 446RLI Level 4 System

The RLi also has an attack proof security housing that safely protects the immobiliser connections. Reversing Camera with Rear Mirror Monitor. Does this alarm have that capability? July 17, at 8: The Easy way to identify it is with the remote. Its small size is far easier to hide than most other alarms out there. My advice is to book your car in with an Autowatch dealer so they can give the alarm the once over.

The car used to make a bleeping noise when we autowtach it with the fob and then stopped doing that, then a month or so later we found ourselves locked out of the car.


Hi Phil, Autowatch alarm wiring information is not available for public distribution. Managed that and car starts but cuts off immediatly.

I tried to turn on the turbo timer using 5,5 selection option command. I have an Autowatch Rli alarm system, will this cause the car to do that? Hi Was wondering if you can help… We have a Nissan Wingroad with an old alarm which appears to be an Autowatch with a peanut button fob we only have one. Any decent installer will have a remote frequency tester which they can use to test the remote. March 11, at Full Listing of Reviewed Alarms and Immobilisers.

Hi Martin, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Factory Alarms vs Aftermarket. How effective is your Immobiliser? November 26, at 8: The turbo timer requires the alarm to be wired up in a differently.


Learn how your comment data 446dli processed. Hi Steven, Could you clarify which model you have? The four button remote is pleasing to the eye and the separate lock and unlock buttons are clean and simple to use. At this point it could probably be disarmed by remote again.

October 29, at 6: This post covers alarms and turbo timers: Thanks Martin, I shall forwards this email to Autowatch and see what they have to say. Any idea as to why the vehicle just cuts off. October 19, at Augowatch you have a dodgy connection somewhere that has been disturbed then I recommend getting the install checked over.


Are you sure your new battery is good? My advice is use your local dealer to sort it out. Learn how your comment data is processed.

If so then check all switches, especially the bonnet switch. This is not ideal.

Autowatch 446RLi Premium

January 13, at 8: June 25, at 1: Autowqtch i lost my keys with remote and 446ri stranded. This double verification where provided in some form by the vehicle has proven to be successful. Here is the second email:. Goes off without intrusion, and ran out the car battery. Personally I always put a loop the cable to prevent this from happening.

Hi Rick, The alarm may go off as the battery drops off.