The Agile Unified Process (AUP) is the agile version of the Rational Unified AUP is an iterative-incremental process consisting of four sub-processes or. PDF | On, Scott W Ambler and others published The Agile Unified Process (AUP). The Agile Data (AD) method is a collection of philosophies that will enable. IT professionals within your organization to work together effectively when it comes to.

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The Agile Unified Process (AUP)

A collaboration may be a workshop involving multiple individuals who interact with each other unofied may interact with others outside the workshop. Through this work we have come to value:. A development release of an application is something that could potentially be released into production if it were to be put through your pre-production quality assurance QAtesting, and deployment processes.

Within these relationships, if one element of a pattern suffers, the other element in the other pattern suffers and ultimately the degradation of one pattern impacts the other pattern. The fifth value statement “Team” generally relates to the Core-Context pattern. Contexts involve development cycles and phases, iterations, and disciplines.

The Agile Unified Process

What is your company size? The focus of Close Cessation is to retire the product and close the project closure workshops.

This is also unfortunate because the RUP has a lot to offer, and can be orocess down to something quite useful which is exactly what IBM Rational recommends you do. If you want something lighter, then I highly suggest XP. Goals are used to establish objectives that provide commitments and agreements among team members for developing the software using various software development practices.


The team members must be supported, enabled, and empowered to balance how they add value in au the software.

Multidimensional concepts, such as agility, are often best approached using a theme-pattern paradigm where a concept is described as a theme around which patterns provide a framework for thinking about the concept.

The AUP is either the best of aip worlds or the worst of both worlds, you be the judge.

In parallel, starting in earlyI started writing about how to “agilize” the RUP through my writings on the web and in my Agile Modeling book published in the Spring of Agility is closely related to the Wolf Credo. Furthermore, it is experience,experimentation, and application of agility that will enable us to realize its benefits.

A software development team requires leadership where its members collaborate to contribute and confirm their added value in developing the software.

Agile Unified Process

These core values readily relate to the three essential patterns used to describe agility. This involves a business providing value-adding solutions to its customers by configuring its products and services while reactively adapting to changes in its environment due to its competitors, proactively innovating to cause changes in its environment for its competitors, and opportunistically cooperating internally and externally with its partners to enhance its competitiveness.

In the UP, an interaction captures when and why such activities should be done and work products artifacts produced and consumed. Networking fundamentals teaches the building blocks of modern network knified.


The origins of agility can be found in the philosophy of war. For any entity, chaos and discontinuity by virtue procss its environment aagile incoherence and inconsistency regarding its past, ambiguity regarding its current situation, and unpredictability and uncertainty regarding its future. Retrieved 21 December Since then work has ceased on evolving AUP.

Agile Unified Process – Wikipedia

Zgile New Frontiers” http: The first thing that you’ll notice is that the disciplines have changed. An entity may be proactive often said to be responsivein which case it evolves its capabilities to respond.

It is within this arena that the key ingredients of people,contextual best practices, and automation converge to bridge the chasm betweenvision and reality. All endeavors are bound by an elegant universe we call reality wherein the two dimensions of time and space prrocess thelandscape for the intertwining dance between the two natural forces of changeand complexity.

These patterns are interdependent and form a system or paradigm for understanding agility. What is your job function? An early focus on deployment issues not only enables you to avoid problems it also allows you to take advantage of your experiences during development. The fourth value statement “Responding to change” generally relates to the Core pattern with emphasis on balance and feedback.