GeometryHandler is a class that is used for extracting geometry from a DWG file. It consists of a series of methods that are called for each shape type in the as. DicomDataset is an object that encapsulates and models the data set structures of a Dicom file. From this object, client code can request images from within the. An implementation of the MultiFramedImageDecoder class allows to render MS Office documents without MS Office installed. Public class.

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Obtained through the [!: Event handler used when specifying compression in the MultiFramedImageEncoder. Returns an array of pixel formats supported by this encoder. Used with encoders that support saving XMP data. RawInterpolationMethod indicates the type of interpolation performed, if any, to transform the image into the desired colorspace. Represents a codec that specializes in decoding a vector image file that can have multiple pages.

Client code should subclass GeomtryHandler and override the methods they wish to intercept. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library.

DicomImage is a representation of raw or processed DicomImage data. Gets the Type of the current instance. This class is used for encapsulating errors encountered while encoding or decoding image files.

The order in which these packets are interleaved is called the progression order. A page inside an existing PDF document. The image resolution is calculated by: Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.


It consists of a series of methods that are called for each shape type in the as well as for changes in color and line style. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. An abstract MustInherit in Visual Basic base class that defines a file format decoder to read an image from a Stream.

This will affect both quality and file size of the saved image. OnBeginDocument does not have a return value. Gets or sets the quality level of the Jpeg as it’s encoded to a file. ModalityTransformed images have been transformed as with Raw images and then with the Modality Imagin Up Table for the image.

This exception is thrown if a PDF is opened with the wrong password. ProgressiveImage event is fired. Gets or sets a value specifying whether and how smoothing antialiasing is applied imxging lines, curves, and edges of filled areas and text. The GeometryHandler base class implements all OnBegin Initializes a new instance of a JpegEncoder specifying the quality and smoothing.

PdfDecoder Class

Regions of interest which shall be compressed at a different quality than the rest of the image. Note that resolution information may only be atalaosft in Jp2 file format images. Dictates how safe our raw codec should be when trying to load files. The supported image file formats that dotImage can either read or write.

There are three forms of images that can be retrieved from a DicomDataset: Returns true if the given PixelFormat can be encoded with the derived encoder. Provides a summary of the rasterization process.


2 Namespace

Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. DicomImage is meant to be used by those who need to do efficient and repeated window and leveling processing of image data. There may be multiple UUID boxes within the file. OnPolygon and OnPolyline aalasoft primitives for which there is no further reduction. Returns the number of pages in a PDF document.

Different PDF page boundaries that each correspond to a specific imaging or finishing process. This class specifies encoder options that can be applied to the entire image, a specific tile, or a specific component. Class Description DicomDataset DicomDataset is an object that encapsulates and models the data set structures of a Dicom file.

For example, whether to show Annotations and which ones to show. The quantization steps can either be derived atalasft a base quantization step, Derivedor calculated for each image sub-band, Expounded. Encode an AtalaImage as a Jpeg image to a stream. This interface is applied to ImageDecoders to enable them to read a specified region of the image without decoding the entire image. Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. These represent 3D coordinates of the shapes in the order X, Y, Z.