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Originally Posted by Kram. Stacker Watercooled windows7 ultimate 64 bit!!! O it doest stay on long enough to burn anything: If any fet is conducting low R in both directions, it’s likely dead. Is there an alternative I can use for this mosfet? This also assumes that the fet is OFF the board, but if you’re seeing values in the 0-low hundreds range both directions, chances are you found your device. Look up the data sheet, and then use the diode mode on your multimeter to probe from gate to drain, gate to source.

The time now is It might just post if you replace it. This is the same pcb layout, http: Apm n If only i knew which card or devices have apmN on them I would start searching. Apm n I just bought a new DELL SW monitor and was using it with my old Geforce for about 2 hours on my pc when I put on Call of Duty and suddenly when the game resolution changed the screen just remained black, I restarted the machine and the screen didn’t come on.

Swapped graphics card and pc works fine. Last edited by Kram; at I would really like a suggestion of a replacement, since I really have no idea with fets. I like to know why and preferably that I caused it thanks Mark. You will probably need a hot air rework station to remove the fet from the board, since there has been solder paste applied to the tab. In this pcb layout would they both be N channel type? Could it be the new monitor?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Originally Posted by crashZ. If I some how get the mosftet replaced could some other component have burned as well? Those fets will be sort of So I will need both type of fet: I will have to get a picture. Q5 and Q6 are k 6k4.

All times are GMT Found a few problems: All others the ohm rises like a capacitor with only a very short bleep. Were you able to repair your card? I doubt it’s the VPU, but if it is, check this thread out for a theoretical fix: With 6pin cable removed, the psu doesnt trip, but screen stays black.

O I lifted the inductors – lead was easyer, I hate Jlead smd’s I got ohm on the good phases and on the dead phase. I am not happy when stuff just dies for no reson.

APM2509N – N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET

This all of course assumes that the problem is what I described. I replaced one datashfet the power FETs, and it booted right up. Anyone have a spare APMN?

Mine would post, but would crap out and die after a few minutes, with severe heat issues. How do I remove the mosfet? The replacement I found was similar in specs, but obviously isn’t up to the task.

APMN datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Could this dattasheet the same issue people were having with nvidia gpu’s in laptops bga solder problems? It’s tricky to troubleshoot problems like these, because there has generally been something that caused such a “catastrophic” failure. Im having some problems with finding datasbeet As Largon has said, it’s going to suck if you’re trying to remove the Datashset with just a soldering iron, the tabs that are attached to the back of the FET are going to be soldered down to the board, unless you have a hot air rework station, you’re likely going to do more harm than good I suspect it is more likely blown mosfets but not really sure how to test.


Your DMM should beep or something, but only in one direction gate out, or gate independing on type of fet. You were dattasheet supposed to see this. I was going to ask if daatasheet ok to test with the gpu phase fet removed, but since the memory phase is bad too theres little point. I have got some old AGP cards including a Geforce Ti and a Radeon they have similar looking mosfets on but I don’t know if they’d work or be compatible and since i dont have a heat gun I cannot even take them off.

I just bought a new DELL SW monitor and was using it with my old Geforce for about 2 hours on my pc when I put on Call of Duty and suddenly when the game resolution changed the screen just remained black, I restarted the machine and the screen didn’t come on.

Anyways here is the image apmm2509n requested.

As far as replacing the FETs, they’re generally n channel. I had a similar issue, can you shoot a picture of the board?

APMN Datasheet PDF

Skill Memory Products G. Results 1 to 22 of I assume the vGPU inductor would be the 1R0 labled component, bottom right of the front pcb picture below between white connector and capacitor. The card is tripping the psu’s over current protection only turns on for a milisecond, have to reset with mains switch.