The Foundation Pit (New York Review Books Classics) [Andrey Platonov, Robert Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Olga Meerson] on *FREE*. The Foundation Pit portrays a group of workmen and local bureaucrats engaged in digging the foundation pit for what is to become a grand ‘general’ building. Translated from the Russian by Robert & Elizabeth Chandler and Olga Meerson With notes and an afterword by Robert Chandler and Olga.

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The tragic reality is so inherently and unself-consciously absurd that conscious absurdism is the only way to deal with it, but even then it can not be overcome directly and so must be confronted with a variety of tones and tactics bolstered by pure artistic instinct.

From the mouths of his ancrey down to the very descriptions of an evening walk, Foyndation twists Soviet jargon until naught but irony and dark humor surround the promise of national greatness. Chiklin kisses Julia one more time before she dies and then brings Nastya back to the barracks.

Platonov was one of the first Russian thinkers to criticize Stalin’s plans for collectivization as inhumane.

But sleep required forgiveness of past grief and the peace of a mind that trusts in life, whereas Voshchev was lying there in a dry tension of awareness, and he did not know whether he was of use to the world or whether everything would get along fine without him.

Platonov increasingly turned to writing as he endeavored to reconcile his idealistic beliefs in the Communist movement with the brutal policies of the Bolshevik government, and after moving to Moscow in to work as an engineer he established himself on the Soviet literary scene.

No-one ever wrote a good book in praise of the Inquisition.

But don’t think this is just some obfuscation cloud of rejection of reality in the face of harshness. Quotes from The Foundation Pit. He then entombs her Christ-style with stones and bricks andtey her home. I’m interested in reading either the Chandler or Ginsburg translation of The Foundation Pit, but I’m not sure how the two compare. Platonov’s work is a representation of the conflict that arose between Russian individuals and the increasingly collectivized Soviet state in the late s.

The most amazing thing is the language, just as Soviet anxrey minister Molotov, while not drinking his cocktail, observed that peace is indivisible, change and struggle are also indivisible – everything is thhe so the choice of words, the use of language itself is deeply political and like Orwell’s New Speak seeks to render certain ideas impossible and others inevitable.

Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world. Layered with a brittle beauty, Platonov’s totalitarianism vision is terrifying, and for the most part tremendously bleak, platonvo we pass through the minds of various workers, engineers, peasants, and overseers as they puzzle over their dreary existence, and the gulf that separates it from their illogical hopes. And he stood up, in order to go, surrounded by universal enduring existence.


The Foundation Pit

As millions inside and outside Russia have discovered, Platonov is a real writer: On the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of his private life, Voshchev was sacked from the small machine factory where he had until then fkundation the means for his subsistence.

Dour Russian; the weight of the world dragging down his jowls prematurely. Soul is a bizarre miracle, a story of life in one of the USSR’s central Asian provinces that suggests psychoanalysis, documentary, and legend without sounding much like any of them.

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My favourite image was of the bear who worked in the forge and was brought along to root out kulaks. Since no one needs you and you lie about amidst the whole world, then Platonob shall store and remember you. Little surprise that The Foundation Pit was kept buried in Russian archives. The next morning, the workers find empty coffins buried in the ground.

The Foundation Pit by Andrey Platonov | : Books

They round up rich peasants, seize private land, murder recalcitrants, ship whole populations down the river into slavery—all with the same combination of boredom and confused hope that animates their every other activity. I only wish Walter Benjamin had never died because I would love to know what he would have has to say about this man who had vision no less clear than that great “clairvoyant of the small” Robert Walser, prose no less ornate than Proust, and understanding of humanity no less reverent than Stefan George.

Platonov isn’t leaving reality behind as a reaction to a thoughtless society. In particular, Platonov’s prose was often clumsy and even difficult to bear in places. The activist receives a letter from the Soviet government stating that any peasants who seem too willing to have their property collectivized should be treated with suspicion as undercover agents. I urge you to discover him, too. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Matty I just finished reading the Chandler translation.

The Foundation Pit by Andrey Platonov | Quarterly Conversation

However, both English novels were published long before a translation of The Foundation Pit became available. Animals are forced to become communists too or do so of their own choosing and the goundation bear who works in a forge and makes useless horseshoes non-stop is one of the most bizarre characters in all literature.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Reduced to units, elements, and matter – life for Platonov is constantly in question. Although the prose was a little awkward at platonpv which could simply be a flaw in translation since the book was not originally written in Englishit’s a simple but brutally effective story that raises timeless points about the dangers of getting too radical in the pursuit of an ideal and the toll it takes on those who seek to create it.

It is easy to see what a massive challenge The Foundation Pit presents for translation.

Chiklin kills him with a sledgehammer. Pages to import images to Founfation Articles containing Russian-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from May Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. Tis is a no usual distopic novel,is rather a totalitarian based reality distopic novel;is one no easy to read but Platonov is a great writer and its worth the time.


There is much to the story, not simply in a historical sense — more than can be gleaned from a single reading.

The Foundation Pit by Andrey Platonov

In anrdey early morning, the bear inexplicably begins to hammer away at iron. Please try again later. But the happiness of childhood friendship, the realization of the future world in the play of youth and in the worthiness of their own severe freedom signified on the childish faces important gladness, replacing for them beauty and domestic plumpnes We always believe that the bright future is just around the corner and we wait for it to come… …on the face of each young Pioneer girl there remained a trace of the difficulty, the feebleness of early life, meagerness of body and beauty of expression.

The sentences are complex, the subject harrowing at times, the character development secondary to greater ideas at hand and mostly – the uncleared trails of thought that are part of Platonov’s creative vision. It has thoroughly displaced the old order, yet exists at such an extreme distance from actual socialism that its members lack any sense that life could or should adrey anything more than this.

View all 8 platoonov. The Foundation Pit portrays a group of workmen and local bureaucrats engaged in digging the foundation pit for what is to become a grand ‘general’ building where all olatonov town’s inhabitants will live happily and ‘in silence. For the entire first half of the book, the plot centers on the pit’s excavation.

She is about to die and is being taken care of by her daughter, Nastya. I suppose I’d have to call it a novel that is more valuable than entertaining.

The fact that the English was often awkward, and — to my mind — straightforward to corrected so as to read more smoothly, without apparent loss of meaning, points towards a poor translation; so I’ll give Platonov the benefit of the doubt.

But the future seems not to be eager to arrive and we live in the foundaion present and continue to wait… In the church burned many candles; the light of the silent, sad wax illuminated the entire interior of the building right up to the cupola above the hiding place of the sacred relics, and the cleanwashed faces of the saints stared out into the dead air with an expression of equanimity, like inhabitants of that other peaceful world—but the ahdrey was empty.